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DHARAMSHALA: US Congressman from Massachusetts, Michael E. Capuano, on Sunday said the United Nations should play a key role in finding a solution to the deteriorating human rights situation in Tibet.

“Tibet and the Tibetan people too suffered far too long from violations of their most fundamental rights,” Congressman Capuano said in his message to Tibetans on the International Human Rights Day on 10 December.

“With so much conflict in the world today, we must not forget the continuing oppression Tibetans have suffered. We must resolve to work toward freedom for the Tibetan people.  Far too many have lost their lives as a result of injustice and in protest against it.  We mourn the recent, tragic deaths of those who immolated themselves when, as they must have felt, no other act of resistance was possible,” he said.

Despite repeated appeals by the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala to refrain from drastic actions, over 95 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest against the Chinese government’s repressive rule. They have called for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to his homeland and freedom for Tibetans.

“The UN can and should play a key role in remedying this situation, and I believe it is not unreasonable to expect permanent members of the Security Council to respect the UN’s founding principles,” he added.

“Many of us in Congress remain dedicated to the cause of the Tibetan people.  Their voices will be heard, and we will not forget their struggles,” Congressman Capuano said.