Let the radiant light shine of Buddha’s wish-fulfilling gem teachings, the treasure chest of all hopes for happiness and benefit in both secular life and liberation. O Protectors who hold the jewel of the teachings and all beings, nourishing them greatly, may the sum of your karmas grow full. Firmly enduring in a diamond-hard state, guard all directions with Compassion and love. Above our heads may divinely appointed rule abide endowed with a hundred benefits and let the power increase of fourfold auspiciousness, May a new golden age of happiness and bliss spread throughout the three provinces of Tibet and the glory expand of religious-secular rule. By the spread of Buddha’s teachings in the ten directions, may everyone throughout the world enjoy the glories of happiness and peace. In the battle against negative forces may the auspicious sunshine of the teachings and beings of Tibet and the brilliance of a myriad radiant prosperities be ever triumphant.


Si Zhi Phen De Dö Gu Jungwae Ter Thubten Samphel Norbue Onang Bar
Tendroe Nordzin Gyache Kyongwae Gön, Trinley Kyi Rol Tsö Gye,
Dorje Khamsu Ten Pey, Chogkün Jham Tse Kyong, Namkö Gawa Gyaden, ü-Phang Gung la Regh
Phutsok Deshii Nga-Thang Gye Bhod Jong Chol Kha, Sum Gyi Khyön La Dekyi Dzogden Sarpe Khyap.
Chösi Kyi Pel Yon Dhar Thubten Chog Chur Gyepe Dzamling Yangpae Kyegu Shidae Pel La Jör.
Bhöd Jong Tendrö Gyaltsen Nyi-ö-Kyi Trashi O-Nang Bumdutrowae Si, Nag Chog Munpae Yul Ley, Gyal Gyur Chig.