The Election Commission

The Election Commission – EC is the Apex Body with a permanent office headed by the Chief Election Commissioner-CEC along with regular staff members. Whenever there is a vacancy for CEC, the Supreme Justice Commissioner, the Speaker & the Deputy Speaker of TPiE and the Kalon Tripa will set up a committee to finalize a name list of candidates. In the list number of candidates should not be less than double of a CEC to be appointed. The Committee submits the list to the Parliament and the appointment of the CEC is done by the Parliament through voting. The candidate who secures maximum number of votes becomes the CEC.  If the appointment of CEC is required when the Parliament is not in session, the Standing Committee of the Parliament conducts the election process through voting and the candidate will have to secure two-third of votes in favour, from the total strength of the Standing Committee to get CEC elected.  Whenever Tibetans go to polls to elect Tibetan MPs and the Kalon Tripa, two Additional Election Commissioners are required and the Parliament appoints the two in the same way as the CEC.  The Charter for Tibetans in Exile makes it clear that the term of the two Additional Election Commissioners is from the “official announcement of the date for commencement of the Tibetan General Election to the declaration of the final results of the Election.”

The Election Commission is empowered to adjudicate any electoral disputes among its Regional Election Offices or direct appeals to the EC to settle disputes.  During the General Election, the EC can if necessary, ask the Kashag to cancel transfer of any Regional Election Officers-REOs or a staff at the Office of EC and can also take disciplinary actions against any REO or a staff for non-fulfillment of any electoral duties assigned to the concerned.

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