Home Department

The Department of Home, the second of the 7 CTA Departments, is responsible for the welfare and rehabilitation of the Tibetans in exile. There are 45 Tibetan Settlement Offices under this department in India, Nepal and Bhutan. It looks after 15 agriculture-based settlements, 13 Handicraft based settlements and 16 cluster and scattered communities in India. In Nepal, there are six agriculture-based settlements, 3 Handicraft based settlements and 2 cluster and scattered communities. All of the seven communities in Bhutan are agriculture-based communities.

The Department works in close cooperation with the Government of India and international organizations involved in helping Tibetans to improve their lot. Employment generation and promoting self-reliance among the Tibetan populace has been the chief task of the Department since it came into being. People at the grassroots level have the right to either elect their own settlement/welfare officers or request appointees from the Home Department, CTA. Thus far, most of the settlements have decided in favour of appointees from the Department. However, the CTA is making concerted efforts to encourage people to elect their own grassroots-level heads, as this is seen to be an essential milestone on the way to Tibetan political maturity.