The Kashag (Cabinet)

The Kashag (Cabinet) is the highest executive office of the Central Tibetan Administration. The Kashag runs and fulfills all its executive and administrative responsibilities.

In accordance to the Charter of Central Tibetan Administration, the seven members of the Kashag, is headed by a Sikyong (Political Leader. Sikyong is directly elected by exile Tibetan populace. Sikyong, in turn nominates his seven Kalons and seeks the Parliament’s approval. The term of the Kashag is for five years.

Kashag Secretariat

A Secretary (Cabinet Secretary) heads the Kashag Secretariat. The Secretariat provides the Kashag with secretarial and administrative services. All decision made in the Kashag are implemented through the respective departments and concerned offices. The Kashag Secretariat has a sub office: History Documentation and Interim Placement Section