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28 October 2011

Below is part of letter of reply by Deputy Director of Asia and Pacific Desk on Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Tibetan Community in Poland’s appeal – Original in Polish, translated by Tibetan community in Poland.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the utmost care and concern is watching developments around the Kirti monastery. Particularly moving is information regarding new acts of self-immolation among young Tibetans – their tragic loss of life and are the cause of sincere sorrow of Polish society.

Poland supports the establishment of dialogue between the authorities of the PRC and the Dalai Lama’s representatives, which would lead to an agreement allowing the Tibetans to nurture their cultural identity, while respecting the territorial integrity of China. We also believe that it is necessary to the international community’s dialogue with the PRC on the observance of generally accepted human rights standards. Poland, in dealing with their European partners, consistently supports the fact that human rights was one of the important dimensions of the EU’s relations with Beijing. This position was presented during preparations for this year’s Summit EU – China.”