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17 November 2011



Department of Information & International Relations

Central Tibetan Administration

Dharamsala H.P., India

Letter of Condolences

Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism is genuinely saddened by the recent cases of tragic self-immolations in Tibet and would like to express our heartfelt condolences and sympathies. We would like to confirm that we stand in solidarity with all the Buddhists of the world.

The Jogye Order is founded upon the spirit of compassion, thus we always concern ourselves with conflicts in the world and put our efforts in finding appropriate solutions.

We stand firmly behind non-violence and wholeheartedly oppose the use of military forces as a solution to any conflict in the world. All temples in Korea will continue to send our sincere prayers so that the monks and nuns who passed away in act of protest may safely move on to the pure land and for those who remain in critical condition would swiftly recover. Jogye Order has already announced its condolent comment regarding this case.

We pray for Tibet to find peace and harmony without any further sacrifices by the people.

With our heartfelt prayers,

The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (seal affixed)