The Planning Commission (PC) was established in 1988 as Planning Council, to improve and upgrade the quality of planning for the development of the Tibetan community. The primary aim of the PC is to institutionalize the planning process within the community.

The Planning Council chaired by Kashag, and comprised of secretaries and heads of commissions and special units, has been instrumental in introducing planning processes into CTA and publishing of integrated development plans. IT has played pivotal role in establishment of various services units such as Youth Empowerment Support, Tibetan Computer Resource Centre and so on.

On 10 June 2003 the erstwhile Planning Council was changed to Planning Commission. It is comprised of the Kashag (cabinet), Chief Planning Officer, Kashag Secretary and two to three experts (hired when required) as members. The Planning Commission is chaired by the Kalon Tripa with Finance Kalon as its Vice Chairman.

The Commission’s regular and background work is undertaken by the Office of the Planning Commission. The Office appraises, recommends for approval by the chairman and evaluates CTA projects. It provides planning and project related technical supports to the Kashag and the Departments.

The Office of the Planning Commission has come out with four Integrated Development Plans, two Tibetan Demographic Surveys (essentially census), a follow-up socio-economic survey, and the first donors conference report.