Latest Situation in Tibet

International Support for Tibet and Tibetan People

(Resolutions and Statements from Different Countries on Self-immolations in Tibet)


  • CTA Holds Prayer Service for Self-immolators Yeshi Khando and Ney Kyab
  • Tibetan nun burns self, total self-immolation reaches 137
  • Third Tibetan self-immolates in less than a fortnight
  • Girl dies in self-immolation protest at Ngaba
  • 34-year-old Tibetan dies in self-immolation protest at Sangchu
  • Chinese police crack down on Tibetans over mining protest
  • Self-Immolation at Tawu county
  • Tibetan Nun Self-immolates in Bathang
  • Tibetan Political Prisoner dies of torture
  • One more Tibetan self-immolates, China orders punishments for family members of self-immolators