• Tibetans Sentenced in Central Tibet in 2018 for “Inciting Separatism”
    January 19, 2019
     •  Published By Tenzin Saldon
    -Filed by UN and Human Rights Desk, DIIR, CTA In 2018, China has sentenced 25 Tibetans in the central Tibet, the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) under charges of "inciting separatism" and endangering "national security," reported the state mouthpiece Global Times. The TAR high court presented the information in its work report last weekend. More
  • The Implications of China’s Recent Moves in Tibet
    September 28, 2018
     •  Published By Tenzin Saldon
    Whatever one reads into China's recent moves in Tibet, one thing is very clear: Beijing has big plans for Tibet in all fronts. These plans constitute the increasing militarization of the Tibetan Plateau in China's push against India and securing the border, Tibet serving as a location of migrant Chinese settlers and the source of natural resources for rapidly industrializing economy. More
    China Tears Down Tibetan Homes, Business at Qinghai Lake
    August 4, 2018
    Authorities in northwestern China’s Qinghai province are demolishing restaurants, shops, and guesthouses set up by Tibetans for tourists near scenic Qinghai Lake, resulting in severe financial hardship for those affected, according to a local source. More
  • Human Rights Watch Releases Illustrated Glossary for Insight to Policy Terms Reflecting Repression in Tibet
    June 21, 2017
     •  Published By Jamphel Shonu
    DHARAMSHALA: Since the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950, Chinese media has shaped the way Tibetans view themselves. The Chinese authorities use dozens of policy and implementation terms as propaganda to tighten repression in Tibet.Propaganda, no matter how tricky, is unlikely to generate the kind of loyalty or respect Chinese authorities seem to want from Tibetans. More
    Who will be on the TAR’s promotion list?
    November 8, 2016
    By Tenzin Tseten, Tibet Policy Institute In the run-up to the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party expected to be convened in the fall of 2017, Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Autonomous Region also went through the highest-level of leadership reshuffle in the ongoing leadership transition. More