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Felix BRAZ

Parliamentary group

Déi gréng


The Chamber of Deputies,

  • seeing the consistent position of the Luxembourg Government, anxious to respect the territorial integrity of People’s Republic of China but also the protection of respect for human rights, highlighted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, March 5, 2012, in front of the Commission of Foreign and European Affairs, Defense, Cooperation and Immigration;
  • deeply concerned about the self-immolation in late March in Delhi, opposite the Chinese Embassy, of Jamphel Yeshi, a 27-year-old Tibetan, which held, by his own account, to protest against Chinese crackdown in Tibet and tried thereby to bring world attention to the situation in Tibet after forty-one immolations in two years in the general indifference;
  • bringing back that there were in Tibet one immolation in 2009, twelve in 2011 and already twenty-nine in 2012 and that there were men and women of all ages, both monks and nuns and lays;
  • considering that these extreme acts are intended to alert the world public opinion against the continuous crackdown and even increasing (arbitrary detentions, rough and hasty raids) led by the Chinese authorities against the Tibetan population in general and Tibetan monks and monasteries in particular;
  • considering that the Chinese authorities impose security measures which empty of all substance the individual freedoms of Tibetans, including freedom of expression and freedom of religion, even though the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, in its article 36, guarantees the right to religious freedom to its citizens;
  • considering that the access to Tibet is forbidden for any foreign visitor for an indefinite period, preventing the dispatch on field of independent observers;
  • considering that this situation is largely contrary to the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • considering that it doesn’t want to remain indifferent to this situation;

invites the Government

  • to share to the Chinese authorities the serious concern of the Chamber of Deputies about the crackdown in Tibet;
  • to remind Chinese authorities of the Luxembourg’s commitment to safeguarding human rights, including religious freedom, as well as the protection of Tibetan culture, as part of the territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China;
  • to ask the Chinese authorities to act in accordance with the above principles, especially lifting restrictions imposed on Tibetan monasteries and stopping the forced settlement of nomads;
  • to engage, within the EU, for a joint position to establish respect for human rights in Tibet;
  • to request the Chinese authorities that the Special Representative of the European Union for Human Rights, once appointed, can report about the situation of human rights in China, including in Tibet;
  • to promote the resumption by the Chinese authorities of the dialogue with representatives of the Tibetan people, including the Tibetan government in exile;
  • to remind of the position of Luxembourg at bilateral or multilateral meetings, for instance within the EU-China Dialogue on Human Rights or during high-level meetings, such as the EU-China Summits.

Motion passed by the Chamber of Deputies in its public session of June 27, 2012  

The general Secretary, Claude Frieseisen

The President, Laurent Mosar




Traduit par Elodie Bernard