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31 October 2011

Chinese intellectuals and independent writers have joined a signature campaign to express their concern over the deteriorating situation in Tibet, particularly in Ngaba, and also to show solidarity with the Tibetan people inside Tibet.

More than 200 Chinese intellectuals and independent writers from outside China as well as some from inside China took part in the signature campaign initiated by Havard scholar Yang Jianli and few others.

In the letter signed by the Chinese intellectuals and independent writers, it mentions that the Chinese government has been, for a long time, suppressing the activities of the monastic communities in the Tibetan regions and this has been one of the main causes of the degeneration of the Tibetan culture, religion and Tibetan language.

The policies of the Chinese government, the letter says, have made it difficult even for ordinary citizens to carry on their day to day life related with the religion and culture.

It further adds that since the authorities have made the life in the monasteries so unbearable with unprecedented control and repression, the situation forced the young monks to take a drastic course of action to set themselves on fire to draw outside attention to the deplorable situation.

Apart from the signature campaign, three Chinese overseas organizations have also released statement separately to condemn the Chinese government’s repression on the monastic communities, particularly in Kirti Monastery in Ngaba.

The three organizations are Germany based Democratic Party of China headed by Wang Yoncai and Wang Juntao, US based Federation for a Democratic China headed by Feiliang Yong and US based Chinese Social Democratic Party headed by Liu Guokai).

After the completion of the signature campaign, the organizers have a plan to submit a copy of the signature campaign letter to the United Nations, the United States’ Administration and EU.