February 21, 2019
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Cultural dance of Kongshey in progress.

-Report filed by OoT, Brussel-

Brussel: Office of Tibet, Brussels, organised a Tibet event at the University of Saint-Louis, Brussels, yesterday. The student’s group of Kotinental hosted the event. The University also hosted the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2016 while inaugurating the 7th International Tibet Support Groups’ meeting.

The event had two components. The first component had a six-item cultural presentation by the children of Tibetan Community’s School. It included Amshey, Nyamshey, Dranyen Shapdro, Kongshey, Nangma, and Namdhar.

In between the items, Rigzin Genkhang, EU Advocacy Officer, spoke about Tibet in general and answered questions that were raised by the audience.

In the interlude, the students and the audience who had come for the event were treated to Tibetan dishes, including momo. Momos were much appreciated and relished.

In the second part of the event, a film on Tibet, Ombre et Lumières, made by Gilbert Leroy was screened. It brought out a comparative study of Tibet in between his two visits to Tibet – first in 1985 and the second in 2015.

The film brought out very vividly the complete destruction of Tibetan heritage and culture. In what remained of residual heritage in 1985, by 2015 it was completely taken over by ultra-modern high-rise ghost towns. At the same time, what remained of some freedom during the first visit of Leroy, by 2015, Tibet had turned into a highly monitored and restrictive suppression.

There were many interesting questions raised by the students. Some wanted to know when and how China invaded Tibet. One inquired if the Representative Tashi Phuntsok, who was answering the question, was born in Tibet and how he came to exile.

Some of the African-origin audience were clearly interested to know the state of China’s domination in Tibet today including, mining. One student wanted to know if Tibetans were hopeful of achieving independence. The Representative answered the questions briefly and clearly.

In the end, the Office of Tibet thanked the host, student group of Kotinental and the Tibetan dance troupe for their participation and interest.

A section of the student-audience of the University of Saint-Louis enjoying the cultural dance performance.

Tibetan performer during Nanagma-Thoeshey at the event.

Representative Tashi Phuntsok, and Rinzin Choedon Gekhang with student organisers.

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