December 7, 2018
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ITCO Coordinator Karma Dhargyal with Core Group for Tibetan Cause and Tibetan Sweater Seller members at Tibet stall. Photo/ITCO

-Filed by ITCO

Mumbai: The Core Group for Tibetan Cause in collaboration with Tibet Support Groups in Maharashtra held a day-long Tibet campaign to highlight and bring awareness on the issue of Tibet among Indian Buddhists in India at the commemoration of the 62nd Death Anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Mahaparinirvana in Mumbai, 6 December.

More than 6 lakhs Indian Buddhist devotees from across the country congregated at the Shivaji Park to pay their homage and respects to Dr. B. R.Ambedkar. The ceremony was held at Chaitya Bhoomi, the samadhi place of Baba Saheb Ambedkar near Shivaji Park, Mumbai.

A Tibet stall was set up with a banner citation of Dr. Ambedkar statement on the issue of Tibet which read as “Instead of according recognition to China in 1949, had India accorded this recognition to Tibet, there would have been no Sino-Indian border conflict”.

The stall displayed and distributed Tibet related books which include Tibbat Aur Tibbat Ke Log, Bharatiya Netawon ki Drishti main Tibbat, Bharat aur Tibbat (Thank You India), Tibbat aur Bharat ki Suraksha and pamphlets like ‘Tibet – The Facts’, ‘Why Tibet matters to India’ in English and ‘Tibbat Mukti Andolan Aani Ambedkari Dristikoon’ in Marathi.

Large numbers of people visited the stall and took books and pamphlets to know about Tibet.

Karma Dhargyal, Coordinator, ITCO informed the public about the Tibetan diaspora and Tibetan freedom struggle, the Present critical situation inside Tibet and especially of the 153 self-immolation protests till date.

He spoke about the People’s Republic of China’s illegal occupation of Tibet since 1959 which has directly posed threat to India’s security and environment.

There were young and old, men and women who pledged their support for Tibet. And there was one youngster who asked what youths can do for Tibet?

Shri Arvind Nikose, National Co-convener, Core Group for Tibetan Cause told him to join any Tibet Support Groups near him or create one. And for any help, he asked him to contact him.

Tibetan sweater seller members in Mumbai also visited the stall and helped the campaign by distributing Tibet related pamphlets to the general public.

Sandesh Meshram, Regional Convener, Core Group for Tibetan Cause, Mr & Mrs Indrajit Mohite, Tibet supporters in Mumbai were also present during the campaign.

The day-long campaign concluded with the visit of Shri J. V. Pawar, Marathi writer and activist known popularly as Dalit panther for his works for the empowerment of Dalit community. He showed his solidarity with the Tibetan cause.

The whole campaign was coordinated by the New Delhi-based India Tibet Coordination Office.

Karma Dhargyal explaining the issue of Tibet to public at the stall. Photo/ITCO

Large crowd of Indians at the Tibet stall. Photo/ITCO

Karma Dhargyal felicitating Shri J. V. Pawar, Marathi writer and activist at Tibet stall. Photo/ITCO

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