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President Dr Lobsang Sangay addressing a gathering of Chinese friends and Tibetans at an outreach event organised by the Office of Tibet, Washington DC on 13 November 2018. Photo/OOT DC

Washington DC: President Dr. Lobsang Sangay, Central Tibetan Administration addressed a gathering of Chinese and Tibetans at an outreach event organised by the Office of Tibet, Washington DC on 13 November. 

Leaders of democratic China movement, managers of major news media, members of the local Tibetan association and Tibetan Youth Congress were among the gathering. In total, 40 Chinese and 15 Tibetans from the local community were present.

President Dr Sangay talked about his recent participation in the Geneva Human Rights Forum and highlighted the state of human rights in China and Tibet. He said the Tibetan people have to solve the Tibet issue and in order to solve the problem, Tibetans have chosen the correct political course “The Middle Way Approach”.  Dr. Lobsang Sangay called on the various ethnic groups that have been victimized in China to work together for freedom and encouraged them to march together to a better future.

Representative Ngodup Tsering, Office of Tibet, DC introduced the new Chinese liaison officer of the Office of Tibet, Tsultrim Gyatso.

Representative spoke about office’s emphasis on Chinese outreach work and asked Chinese friends to continue on supporting the Tibetan-Chinese friendship and uphold it.  The new liaison officer avowed to do his best in his role as the Chinese Liaison officer. He also hoped for the members to extend the same support as they did to the former liaison officer.

Other speakers at the dinner meeting were Dr. Yang Jianli, founder of Citizen Power for Democratic China, and Min Mitchell, Managing Director of Radio Free Asia. Both of them spoke on their understanding of Tibet issue and the current situation of Tibetans inside Tibet. The two also promised to support the Tibetan freedom movement through their respective expertise.  

This is the first event organised by the new Chinese liaison officer. It was a full-house event with fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas. Each attendee had the opportunity to interact with the CTA president. From the official talks to the personal exchanges with the president, this particular event further strengthened the Tibetan-Chinese friendship and left a deep impression in the hearts of those present. 

-Filed by Chinese Liaison Officer, Office of Tibet, DC

Representative Ngodup Tsering, Office of Tibet, DC greeting the Chinese friends at the event. Photo/OOT DC

Dr. Yang Jianli, founder of Citizen Power for democratic China, addressing the dinner meeting. Photo/OOT DC

Chinese Liaison Officer, Tsultrim Gyatso addressing the dinner meeting with Chinese friends and supporters. Photo/OOT DC

Young Chinese supporters with CTA President and Chinese Liaison Officer. Photo/OOT DC


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