October 12, 2018
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Published By Tenzin Saldon

CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay giving a talk on Tibet and China at Pan-European University, 11 October 2018. Photo/Sontash

Bratislava: CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay gave a talk on Tibet and China at the Pan-European University in Slovakia on 11 October. CTA President was invited by the Mass Media Faculty of the University. The talk was moderated by Dr Yvonne Vavrova, Vice Dean of Pan–European University.

President Dr Sangay introduced his talk by citing the Reporters without Borders report ranking Tibet the least free place on earth, after Syria, as well as the Freedom House and other official reports in describing the situation inside Tibet.

President Sangay further stated how China’s propaganda machines such as the CCTV and Xinhua news is churning out stories on Tibet’s prosperity and developments. CCTV is now one of the most watched channels in Africa and its popularity is also growing in Latin American countries. He also cited how he once read a four-page advertisement in an Indian newspaper filled with China’s propaganda on how China liberated Tibet from feudalism, civilised them and how the plateau is now prospering under Chinese leadership.

He said, “So basically, China is spending a large amount of money in spreading this propaganda. Such is its power and influence that it has even reached the top level of offices in some countries. Therefore, we have the truth but it is a major challenge for us.”

President Sangay further highlighted the grim situation inside Tibet and how 152 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest against the repressive regime. “The self-immolation protest,” he said, “has seen little coverage in the international media because China highly restricts journalists from entering Tibet, covering the situation and researching on them. Even in China itself, there have been cases of journalists being harassed.”

He touched on how China is engaging in “elite capture” in Europe and elsewhere. “China”, he said, “bribes, buys and brainwashes these elites, who in turn provide services as needed by China in return.”

He said, “the Tibet issue is now not only of the six million Tibetans but concerns the whole world.” President Sangay referred to the One belt One Road which is the biggest project of President Xi Jinping and its similarity to the road that China built in Tibet in the name of prosperity, a road Tibetans on being paid silver coins help built and which ultimately facilitated China’s occupation of Tibet.” President Sangay said, “it can happen to you too.”

Dr Sangay touched upon the recent incidence of Marriot Hotel and Mercedes Benz facing the brunt of Chinese wrath and how Chinese influence is now everywhere. He questioned the students, “Do you want that? Do you want to be censored and threatened when you start your career as journalists?”

President Sangay then concluded by emphasizing Tibet’s importance to the globe and how supporting Tibetan culture is beneficial to the whole world and cited how the Tibetan language is the reservoir of Buddha’s teachings. He also answered several questions raised by the students and thanked them for showing interest on the Tibetan issue

After Bratislava, President Sangay’s next stop will be Finland.

-Filed by Tenzin Dechen, Communication Officer, Sikyong’s Office

Vice Dean Dr Yvonne Vavrova, Pan-European University delivering the welcome remarks during CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay’s presentation at the University, 11 October 2018. Photo/Sontash

CTA President giving a talk on Tibet and China to students of mass media and journalism department, Pan-European University, 11 October 2018. Photo/Sontash

CTA President presents CTA souvenir to Vice Dean Dr Yvonne Vavrova, Pan-European University. Photo/Sontash

CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay with former cultural minister of Slovakia at the Pan-European University. Photo/Sontash

CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay being welcomed by Vice Dean Dr Yvonne Vavrova and members of Pan-European University. Photo/Sontash

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