TNN | 9, August 2018, 03:24 IST

Sakhali: The Dalai Lama on Wednesday hinted at a European Union-like arrangement for China and Tibet to co-exist. He said that getting independence for Tibet “will be difficult”, as even if it achieves freedom, only a part of Central Tibet would be free. This, he said, would be meaningless.

“ I am of the admirers of European Union. It is wonderful that they consider that common interest is more important than national sovereignty.. World becomes smaller and smaller. So, there is a big question whether independent Tibet is in our benefit or to remain within People’s Republic of China with all the rights mentioned in the Chinese constitution. That is practical and realistic,” the Dalai Lama told the students of Goa Institute of Management (GIM) here.

“Even if we get independence, only a small portion will get it. Most learned Tibetans come from other parts of Tibet. I Feel it is more important for us to remain together culturally, spiritually rather than freeing a small part of Tibet, which is very difficult to achieve and even if achieved, will not be useful. So, from our side we are open. We are not seeking independence,” the Dalai Lama said.

He said Nehru had told him that ultimately, the issue of Tibet would have to be resolved by talks between Tibetan and Chinese leadership.

“Back then, I had a lot of discussion with Nehru. On one occasion, Nehru told me that America will not go to war with China to liberate Tibet. Very true. And he told me that sooner or later, you have to have dialogue with the Chinese government. So, from 1974, we decided not to seek independence. History is history,” he said.

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