May 30, 2018
   Posted in Reports from CTA Offices
Published By Jamphel Shonu

As the Central Tibetan Administration is observing 2018 as Thank You India year with various events to express gratitude to the Government of India and its people for their kind hospitality and support.

And on 29th May, 2018, also 15th Day of Saka Dawa( Buddha’s birth, enlightment and death) with the presence of Additional Chief Secretary of Meghalaya, Shri Yeshi Tsering ji and Custom Commissioner, Shrmt Bandhana Deori, Abbot and Monks of Gaden Choeling Monastery and the Tibetan people of shillong observe a prayer for India’s success and well being of Indian people.

Program began at 9:00 with introductory speech on year long program of thank you india event by Tibetan Settlement Officer, Shillong. After that Honorable Chief Guest, CS of Meghalaya, Shri Yeshi Tsering expressed appreciation with ongoing Thank You India event, 2018. Abbot of Gaden Choeling Monastery given precious notes on both day of Saka Dawa and Thank you India event. Later it followed by mass prayer led by Monks along with Shillong Tibetan people.

 – Report filed by Tibetan settlement office, Shillong –

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