May 16, 2018
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Representative Ngodup Tsering releasing an e-book on Tibet’s environment by Wang Weiluo.

WASHINGTON : Representative Ngodup Tsering of Office of Tibet Washington DC inaugurated a Chinese language e-book on Tibet’s environment titled ‘Asia’s water tower’. The e-book is a compilation of 45 articles on Tibet’s environment written by Wang Weiluo, a Chinese scholar based in Germany. The articles focus on the deteriorating situation of Tibet’s environment and the danger it poses not just to Tibet and China but to the livelihood and environment of the entire world.

Speaking to reporters at the e-book release, Representative Ngodup Tsering spoke about the reasons for OOT’s compilation and publication of the articles written by Wang Weiluo in e-book format. He said that the e-book emphasizes the importance of Tibet’s environment and the devastating impact that Tibet’s environmental deterioration could have on billions of people living downstream of Tibet’s rivers. The e-book consists of 344 pages.

Representative Ngodup Tsering further explained that the Tibetan plateau, known as the third pole, is a determining factor in the issue of climate change, and expounded Tibet as the source of Asia’s major rivers. He said that millions of Chinese depend on Tibet’s rivers such as Drichu (Yangtze river) and Machu (Yellow river). He expressed hope that this e-book would raise awareness on the importance of Tibet’s environment among the general Chinese public and thanked the Chinese scholar for his efforts.

Wang Weiluo is a Chinese scholar based in Germany and has studied geology at Nanjing University. He later served as professor at the same university. He has also worked at China’s three gorges dam built on the Yangtze river and has done extensive research on environment in general and Tibet’s environment in particular.

 – Report filed in Tibetan by OOT Washington –

OOT Representative Ngodup Tsering and Chinese liaison officer Kunga Tashi at the release of the e-book.




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