April 15, 2018
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Swedish prosecutors charged Dorjee Gyantsan, 49 from Tibet with espionage on Wednesday this week. The accused is believed to have posed himself as pro-Tibetan independence activist but was infiltrating the Tibetan refugees numbering 140 in Sweden and Norway for the Chinese government in exchange for money.


Ironically, he covered a visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Norway as a reporter for Voice of Tibet.The man was believed to have spied on Tibetan community in Sweden from July 2015 to February 2017 when he was arrested. But he was released a few weeks later without concrete evidence. During the time of his arrest, he was caught with 6000 dollars in cash, believed to have been paid for his information.


Dorjee Gyantsan came to Sweden as quota refugee in 2002 and he was welcomed to Stockholm Tibetan community.  ‘A Tibetan leader says she hopes other countries will follow Sweden’s example by prosecuting alleged spies who give China information on exiled Tibetans,’ quoting bbc.com report titled Tibet group thanks Sweden in Chinese Spy case.


Following are the netizens’ reactions to the espionage:

Twitterati Brett Renee @LadyBrettRenee is passionate about filmmaking and storytelling that touches human hearts and something that bring the change. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia. On her Twitter page, she has written ‘may his sentence be a lesson to other spies.’



Twitterati Michael Ron Bowling @mrbcyber mostly post about cybersecurity and hybrid warfare the covert combination of economic psychological criminal and information war primarily from China. He shared news article published by businessinsider.com: ‘China tried to control Tibetan exiles in Sweden by hiring a spy in the refugee community.’



Twitterati Peter Dahlin @Peterinexile believes in rule of law and human rights in China. And he has shared thelocal.se news article and twitted: Now its a spy for China on Tibetans in Sweden.



Twitterati Jojje Olsson @jojjeols tweeted’Suspected spy detained in Sweden, said to have monitored the Tibetan community for another state.’ He is a Swedish writer based in Asia since 2007 and he is blacklisted from China. Currently, he is in Taipei City, Taiwan.


Twitterati Kim Rathcke Jensen @kinablog tweeted ‘Spy, who acted as a refugee but gathered intel on Tibetan community, caught in Sweden.’ He is a Journalist and having Bachelor degree in Chinese language and he has been China correspondent from 2008 to 2016. Currently, he is in Denmark pursuing his career in the science journal.

China Enlightened @chinaenlighten is a twitter page that shows the humorous side of China and its relationship with rest of the world.

A Facebooker named Janine Vaney from Australia tweeted: Well done Sweden, it’s about time for countries stood up to China.

A Facebooker name Rinchen Wangpo from Bhubaneswar, India tweeted: Need to wake up brothers and sisters, it’s shameful to see our brother and sister working for Chinese government…



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