April 16, 2018
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Finance Kalon Karma Yeshi laying a wreath at the war memorial in Dharamshala on 15 April 2018.

DHARAMSHALA: At the invitation of the state government, Finance Kalon Karma Yeshi attended the 71st Himachal Day celebration at the Police Ground in Dharamshala on 15 April 2018.

The chief guest at the event was Shri Anil Sharma (MPP & Power Minister of Himachal Pradesh), along with Shri Hans Raj (Deputy Speaker of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha). The program included honoring the Martyrs of the Nation at war memorial site of Kangra District and March Pass (Parade) by Himachal Police and students.

The province of Himachal Pradesh came into being on 15 April 1948. It was later made into a Union Territory on 1 November 1956. Kangra and most other hill areas of Punjab were merged with Himachal Pradesh on 1 November 1966. Himachal Pradesh became a state on 25 January 1971 after the state of Himachal Pradesh Act was passed by the Parliament on 18 December 1970.

 – Report filed by Department of Finance –

Finance Kalon along with dignitaries at the 71 Himachal Day celebration in Dharamshala.

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