March 4, 2018
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China Moves to Let Xi Stay in Power by Abolishing Term Limit ©China Open Research Network

Communist Party of China proposed an unprecedented change in China’s political leadership term by abolishing the term limit on the presidency on last Sunday. Strangely, Xi Jinping is also the head of CCP that leads to one-man cult over the party and its citizens. This abrupt announcement aroused mixed feelings across the netizens. Rightfully many fear that Xi Jinping dreams of emperor rule might bring dictatorship policies in China’s political and economic deal with the world.

Below are some of the reactions of twitterati on Xi Jinping personalism over the party/country like Mao Zedong era:

The rise of Xi Jinping, the self-enthroned emperor has already brewed tension in Chinese netizens, when recently China banned series of English words in Weibo-twitter in China.

Historian, political writer and commentator Timothy G Ash reacts to “seriously bad news for China and the world” to allow Xi to stay in power by abolishing the term limit.

Times of India @timesofindia tweets: “ End to term limits for China’s president will move it further down the autocratic path.”

The Economist raises the question if China’s indefinite president is infact the world’s most powerful man?

Financial Times Beijing bureau chief, Tom Mitchell argues that the shocking move exposes a rift in Chinese society between those who fear the return of strongman rule and those who welcome it. “The unusual manner in which the amendment was announced on Sunday afternoon has invited speculation that the party is facing internal resistance from Mr Xi’s detractors, who may have deliberately flagged up the measure in an effort to subvert it,” Mitchell writes.

Fatima Z. Er-Rafia, a lecturer by profession, @DrErRafiaz tweets: “once in retreat, is becoming the trend!”

Maxwellson Yeh @daxwellson writes: “there is no democracy, no human right, no talking freedom and no personal safety in Communist China.”

Gordon Guthrie Chang, a Chinese citizen is an American columnist,  best known for his book The Coming Collapse of China, writes: “he looks like the last Emperor of China.”

Kenneth Roth, Executive Director for Human Rights Watch, @KenRoth tweets: ” We have Trump’s embrace to thank for contributing to the increasing boldness of the world’s autocrats, such as China’s newly self-enshrined emperor for life Xi Jinping.”

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