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President Dr Lobsang Sangay speaking at his welcome reception in Tokyo, Japan, 18 February 2018. Photo/OOT Japan

TOKYO: The world has no choice but to transform China and that Tibet is the catalyst to bring peace and democracy in China, said Dr Lobsang Sangay, President of the Central Tibetan Administration, told Japanese supporters at a welcome reception held in honor of his week-long visit to Japan yesterday.

The reception ceremony was attended by representatives of government offices, Japanese parliamentarian, and their representatives, Buddhist institutions, NGOs like SFT, Tibetan community members, and educational institutions.

“We have no choice but to make peace and victory for Tibet a reality. We have no choice because, in the 19th Party Congress, President Xi Jinping said socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era is what China is going to do. The socialism with Chinese characteristics means no liberal democracy and freedom of expression. It is one-party rule,” said President Dr Sangay.

Dr Sangay further said: “The new era is the international frontier and the international community. Mao Zedong era is the unification of China, Deng Xiaoping era was to make China rich and Xi Jinping era is to bring one-party rule. So the world has no choice. Either you have to transform China into a liberal democracy or you get transformed and become like China.”

President Dr Lobsang Sangay speaking at his welcome reception in Tokyo, Japan, 18 February 2018. Photo/OOT Japan

China is coming from North Korea, South China Sea, East China Sea, and Scarborough islands. “So what Japan do about it is the issue. Last summer, China went to a place called Doklam, between Bhutan and Sikkim, thinking that they can get away with it like they got away with South China Sea and East China Sea. But this time India said no. For 72 days 1600 Chinese army came but the Indian army pushed back. . In the end, both sides decided to withdraw,” he said.

“Unless you stand on moral ground like India and what the law school of South Africa did, China will come and walk over you. If you want to transform China, Tibet is the catalyst and platform that you ride on, support and change China,” he said.

He further said “there are so many conflicts around the world like in Syria, Boko Haram and Rohingya. But if you look at Tibet, we are non-violent and peaceful, aspiring for dialogue, democracy, human rights and justice, which are all good things. For 60 years we have been standing for the good cause.”

“There are many conflict areas in the whole world and it is looking for which model to follow: the Tibet’s non-violent, peaceful and dialogue model or violent, beheading, militancy and terrorist model. So if you don’t support the Tibet model of peaceful and dialogue, the other conflict areas will opt for the violent model,” Dr Sangay added.

Mr Uto Takashi, member of Japanese Parliament, speaking at the reception ceremony. Photo/OOT Japan

President Dr Sangay assured that supporting Tibet like Japan has been doing for the last many years, has been making a positive impact in strengthening the cause of Tibet and sends a powerful message to Tibetans in Tibet of hope and courage. “Today, we have a sitting member of Japanese parliament from the ruling party, Mr Uto Takashi, amidst us which is a source of great hope and encouragement for Tibetans.”

Addressing the audience at the welcome reception hosted in honour of Sikyong Mr. Uto Takashi said: “The Japanese government led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has established a new national policy to firmly stand for democracy, human rights, and justice. Japan would give its full cooperation to the international community to further these values in the world. Japan and each of us will strive to revive these values and help Tibetans to win in their cause,” he said.

President Sangay said he could clearly see a new realization or the awareness in Japan for which we ought to stand up and fight for. This awareness is also growing in Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Australia and American, echoing a common aspiration that if we transform China or China transforms us.

“Peace and democracy will prevail in China and Tibet will the catalyst which will lead to that peace and democracy in China,” Dr Sangay said.

-Filed by Office of Tibet, Japan-

CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay with Ms Sakurai Yoshiko (right) and Dr Takasu Katsuya (left) during the welcome reception in Tokyo, Japan on 18 Feb 2018.


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