February 3, 2018
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Tenzin Wangyal,Executive Program Officer, Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED) Department of Finance, CTA, Photo: Jigme Taydeh/DIIR

Every Saturday as a part of its shoutout campaign, DIIR’s Social Media Desk will be profiling a civil servant of Central Tibetan Administration. This week we are pleased to profile Tenzin Wangyal.


“I belong to a middle class family. My father is the executive secretary of Dhondeling Venthiel Hospital, Kollegal which is part of the Health Department of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) and my mother is a homemaker. Since my father works for the CTA, I always admired him for being one of the most loyal civil servant of the community which was the driving force to align my career as a civil servant.

I did my MBA from the University of Mysore and immediately started working to apply for a post at the CTA. I came to Dharamshala and applied for the ‘six-month potential CTA staff training’ at Sarah. Before the training could start I participated in the Tibetan Parliamentary Policy and Research Center (TPPRC) workshop for college students in June 2012.

During the second day of the workshop, I was called by Department of Finance and they offered me a one year contractual job to empower Tibetan Business. However at that time I was hesitant to take up the contractual position, as I wanted to be a permanent employee of the CTA. Due to which, I have requested them to give me some time to make the decision. I was so confused and at the same time I felt that it was a good opportunity for me to do this job that was relevant with my educational background. After much thoughts and deliberations with my near ones, I took the opportunity and I was posted to Bylakuppe Settlement for one year.

It was a great experience for me working with different Indian experts in the field of promoting entrepreneurship. After the end of one-year contract, I was asked to continue do my service under a new section of Department of Finance called Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED) that was launched in September 2013. Since then I have been working on the same project. It has been more than five years being a part of this entrepreneurship development project and I also became a permanent employee of the CTA.

I now feel glad to have taken the contractual position. It was really a proud moment for me to work and serve my own community. I am sure my colleagues have felt the same. I always keep my spirit high and promise myself each day that I will serve my community.”

Tenzin Wangyal,Executive Program Officer, Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development (TED) Department of Finance, CTA. Photo: Jigme Taydeh/DIIR

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