January 1, 2018
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TNN, 31 December 2017 Read original story here

VARANASI: Dalai Lama advocated for a demilitarized world and revival of ancient Indian knowledge for global peace.

“In all my life I have noticed too many killings. Human beings killing thousands of human beings has become normal. It is really terrible. We must change it. We must think or try to demilitarize the world,” he said while delivering his concluding remarks at the two-day international conference on ‘Mind in Indian philosophical school of thought and modern science’ at the Central Institute of Tibetan Higher Studies, Sarnath, on Sunday.

He said killing enemies was prevalant in ancient time but not in today’s world.

“There are lot of self-created problems due to lack of knowledge on how to deal with destructive emotions. The ancient Indian knowledge is relevant to tackle our emotions,” he said.

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