January 11, 2018
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Tibetan on Wednesday said the should be one of dialogue and all human beings must think about humanity at the global level.

a better world, one needs to think about the oneness of all human beings. It is only the dialogue which creates new ideas and peace in the world,” he said at the 2nd National Teachers (NTC) that opened here.

For this, the said, should comprise a mix of positive emotions and the means to tackle emotions.

is the only country in the world which can combine modern education, technology, ancient and emotions.

Different exist in all religions, but all religions spread the same message of love, tolerance and affection,” he said.

The Tibetan leader emphasised the need for to speak about inner values, truth, honesty and self-confidence rather than just money and fame, to over 8,000 teachers from all over and abroad gathered for the event organised by MAEER’s World Peace University.

said teachers should create their own identity by doing good work, be honest towards their duties and become idols for their students.

“We are living in knowledge era where very quickly and only can understand it thoroughly and can gave right path to pass this hurdle,” said Kakodkar, who is the NTC

NTC Founder and convenor said this is the first time in global academic history that all inter-disciplinary faculties came together on a single platform at the ongoing 2nd NTC.

“We have achieved a benchmark today by getting together dignitaries and teachers from 22 states in and around 100 from global universities on a common platform for the three-day summit,” Karad said.

Other prominent speakers included Founder-Vishwanath D. Karad, Mukta Tilak, Executive Rahul Karad, Purdue University’s Prof Jay Gore, and Makarand Hastak, and former

The inaugural day witnessed a major session on Globalisation of Indian Higher – Drawing the Roadmap, with eminent speakers from and abroad joining the discussions pertaining to holistic while reaffirming that the Indian higher has immense scope to spread worldwide if private educational institutions are granted autonomy.


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