November 14, 2017
Published By Tenzin Saldon

Tibetan parliamentary delegation addressing members of Tibetan community in Brussels. Photo/Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat

Dharamshala: A four-member Parliamentary delegation led by Parliamentarian Dolma Tsering, Ven Atuk Tsetan, Dawa Phunkyi and Ngawang Tharpa arrived in Brussels, Belgium on an official visit to Europe on 11 November.

On their arrival at the Brussels international airport, the delegation was received by Tashi Phuntsok, Representative of Office for Tibet, Brussels, President of International Campaign for Tibet and Regional U-tsang Association.

On this official visit, the parliamentary delegation will be visiting other European countries including France, Netherland and Swiss to meet the members of the respective Parliaments, think tanks as well as to intimate them regarding the situation of Tibet.

Tibetan parliamentary delegation with Representative Tashi Phuntsok and members of Tibetan community. Photo/Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat

On 12 November, the delegation attended a meeting with members of the local Tibetan community, organized at Antwerp by Tibetan Community in Belgium. At the meeting, the Vice President of Tibetan Community in Belgium introduced the programs and then Representative Tashi Phuntsok welcomed the delegation and introduced them to the audience.

The delegation addressed the gathering on various important topics. Parliamentarian Dolma Tsering elucidated on the Middle way policy and Ven Atuk Tsetan highlighted on the achievements of His Holiness the Dalai Lama while Dawa Phunkyi and Ngawang Tharpa talked on the evolution of Tibetan democracy and the critical situation inside Tibet as well as conservation of Tibetan language respectively.

They also engaged in Q&A session. Later that night, Organizers hosted a dinner for the parliamentary delegation.

Tibetan parliamentary delegation addressing members of Tibetan community in Brussels. Photo/Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat

The following day, the delegation met with members of the International Campaign for Tibet, who along with Representative Tashi Phuntsok briefed them regarding the European Union’s present policies vis-à-vis Tibet, the past and the ongoing activities of the Office of Tibet, the EU institutions, current situation of EU-China relation and Human Right Policy of European Union.

On 14 November, they will engage in Q&A session with the International Campaign for Tibet relating the activities in social network. They will leave for France on the same afternoon at 2 pm.

From 22 to 24 November, the program of apprising the situation of Tibet to the members of Parliament and other dignitaries will begin.

-Report filed by Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat-

Tibetan parliamentary delegation arrives in Brussels, Belgium. Photo/Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat

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