November 22, 2017
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Times of India, 22 November 2017 Read original story here 

BHUBANESWAR: Spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Tuesday asked educational institutes to include moral education as an academic subject. He also urged youngsters to create 21st century as century of compassion and peace and create a new world.

“I think existing modern education is inadequate and it teaches more about materialistic pleasure and values. So when we grow up with modern education we go after power, money and fame. Education should include moral education as an academic subject,” he said. The Dalai Lama said this after receiving 10th KISS Humanitarian Award instituted by the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) and addressed more than 27,000 students of the institute here on Tuesday.

“Scientists in leading universities carried some research on moral and secular education and found it very fruitful in bringing inner peace. Next year we can produce some kind of draft on teaching of moral values not based on religion. I also wish eventually your institute should carry some kind of experiment on it,” Lama added.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner described the previous century as ‘violent’ and ‘sad’. “Some of the brilliant brains and scientists were used for destruction and war. Two nuclear weapons used in last century. In this century also killing has become almost normal. This must change. This century should be century of peace. World peace can be achieved only by inner peace,” he said.

India is the most populated democratic country and an ancient civilisation. This country has produced most brilliant people, including Buddhist masters. Buddhism has come from India. Modern world lacks moral principles and knowledge to tackle our destructive emotions. Ancient Indian psychology was very advanced and still very relevant to deal with this problem. You should feel proud of your rich history, heritage and traditions”, he told the students.

The Dalai Lama also objected to calling people who come from tribal area less privileged. “We are mentally, physically and emotionally same as others. People looking down upon others, I feel, is totally wrong and is feudal mind-set. You should have self-confidence and work hard,” he added.

KISS Humanitarian Award is an international award given to someone who has made exceptional contribution to the society in various fields relating to social issues and its recipient is chosen by a high-level jury.

“Many big dignitaries have visited our institution but the privilege of having Dalai Lama among us is something unique and we must feel blessed for having this opportunity to listen from him,” said founder of KIIT and KISS, Achyuta Samanta.

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