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Ven. Karma Gelek Yuthok during his address at the Geshema Conferment Ceremony in Dolma Ling Institute on 6 November, 2017. Photo/Tenzin Jigme/DIIR

Dharamshala:  Kalon Ven. Karma Yuthok Gelek, Department of Religion of CTA, graced the Geshema degree conferment ceremony for the 2nd batch at Dolma Ling Institute of Dialectics yesterday on 5 November.

Kalon Ven. Karma Yuthok Gelek, as chief guest to the conferment ceremony, in his opening remarks greeted the audiences present at the event. In his inaugural address he said that the recipients of the  prestigious Geshema degree should not stay idle after achieving such a prestigious degree. ”

It is a time to contemplate and study scripture which has not been touched and one should feel more encouraged engaging on studies than staying away from them. Once you get engaged on studies you will know more and your need for knowledge will grow”, Ven Karma added.

“It is in the best interest to remain at the institute where you belong than going abroad in the name of practicing the studies. An in-depth knowledge acquisition can be achieved if the institute provides all the facility requirements,” Ven. Karma Yuthok Gelek said.

Ven. Karma Gelek Yuthok handing the Prestigious degree to the recipients at the Dolma Ling Institute. Photo/Tenzin Jigme/DIIR

Furthermore he said the dialectics teachings and practices should be in uniformity and in accordance to what has been practiced in Tibet. He said that it practicing tantric is really good, but it should have continuity. Even though there is no specific nunnery for the deliberate study of tantric, the inspiration could be acquired from tantric monasteries.

“Department of Religion and Culture (DoRC) will provide any assistance required to have such a tantric nunnery. It is not possible to hold different institutes directly under DoRC. We will provide assistance if needed but committee of the institute has to run it”, Ven Karma added.

“The number of monks and nuns in exile are decreasing. Even those in Tibet are being topped by Chinese Government. So we must look into the necessity as per requirement to further develop our infrastructure. It is in the best interest to have better quality then to have quantity. So we must start improving the qualities of those existing, to enhance further,” Ven. Karma Yuthok Delek continued.

As per His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s opinion, we need to concentrate on health and well being as some of our great scholars lost their lives due to health problem. He said that now we are the stage where the standard of the health, in general, of the monastery and nunneries are improving.

At the 2nd batch Geshema degree conferment, there were 6 Geshemas who graduated at the ceremony.  Ven. Kalon Karma Yuthok Gelek handed over the degree certificates.  Geshema degree is equivalent to a Ph.D. degree and in order to achieve this prestigious award, a nun should engage in at least 17 years of rigorous study at the respective institute. Those who excel in studies and debates are selected for the Geshema course of studies. After the selection process they are required to study 4 more years for this coveted degree. In total, 26 Geshemas have graduated till date.

The Geshema Degree conferment ceremony began with the prayer recital and Khen Rinpoche- Yonten Phuntsok, the head of Board of Geshema Degree Examination briefly in his address explained about the origin of Geshema. He clarified few errors and rumors spreading around community regarding the committee of the Geshema degree conferment.

The ceremony was attended by the principal of Dolma Ling Institute, TWA’s President as a special guest and also other Geshes and Geshemas.

The recipients of the prestigious Geshema Degree a the Geshema conferment ceremony held in Dolma Ling Institute. Photo/Tenzin Jigme/DIIR

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