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DIIR’s Media Personnel at BBC World Service India Pvt Ltd.

DELHI: The Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) steers the information dissemination and advocacy work for CTA. It informs, educates and engages the Tibetans and international communities about the political, human rights, and environmental situation in Tibet and is entrusted with strengthening human rights advocacy for Tibet at UN and other international platforms.

The DIIR runs a tri-lingual website (Tibetan, English and Chinese) that disseminates news through its channels: Tibet TV,, Bod.Asia, Xizang-Zhiye, Social Media Desk and publishes periodicals and books to engage in information and advocacy work both in the virtual and physical space.

Seventeen personnels of DIIR’s media team attended an intensive training on Social Media Journalism and interacted with professionals at BBC World Service India in New Delhi.

The Training imparted by a media firm based in Delhi explored mechanisms to strengthen the basics of successful communication, creating a content strategy for CTA and a corresponding secondary message, media monitoring mechanisms and creative content creation suited for a target audience.

Sourabh Madan, Broadcast Engineer, BBC World Service, India Ltd, taking the Media Personnel on a tour of BBC bureau.

Secretary (Equivalent) of Information of DIIR, Dhardon Sharling made a presentation on DIIR’s current efforts towards establishing a Media Bureau and the new communications strategy thereof-  its prospects and challenges.

“In light of the plan for CTA’s Media Bureau which is likely to be inaugurated next fall, this training and subsequent the visit to BBC bureau provided us with fresh insights into building and strategising creative, consistent and credible content for CTA’s information dissemination work,” said Jamphel Shonu, Editor-in-Chief for

A visit to the  BBC World Service  Pvt. Ltd. organised by Empowering the Vision (ENVISION) and at the invitation of Nirash Nirash, International Bureau Manager of South Asia provided DIIR’s media personnel with a see and believe experience of the functioning and strategic communications component of world’s leading media house. Niraj Nirash’s parting words were  “Keep smiling and keep up the spirit for Tibet,”

“It was a very engaging training that demand active participation from all participants. We discussed about creating content for different target audiences through different mediums and platforms,” Sakina Batt,Tibet TV Journalist said.

DIIR’s Capacity Buiding Director Tenzin Donzey said she hoped to collaborate further with training solutions based in the Indian capital to further strengthen the human resource capacity of DIIR, since DIIR is entrusted with a significant undertaking that speaks directly to the information and advocacy work of CTA.

“In the larger scheme of things, DIIR’s Media is the window to connecting all Tibetans (inside Tibet and in diaspora) and to connecting the international community, in particular the youth to Tibet. Therefore digital media and in particular social media is the fresh frontier to advancing the core objective of CTA-that is the restoration of freedom for Tibetans inside Tibet and the dignified return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama back to Tibet,” said Dhardon Sharling, Secretary (Equivalent) for DIIR.

DIIR’s Media Personnel at BBC World Service India Pvt Ltd.

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