October 19, 2017

-Issued by Home Department-

This public notice is being issued in connection with number of the houses and lands found to be left vacant and abandoned for many years in Rabgyeling Tibetan settlement, Hunsur in violation of rules and regulations governing use and ownership of such lands and houses.

The heads of the families listed in the attached list of lands and houses left abandoned and vacant as identified and reviewed by the Local Land and Housing Review Committee or genuine members (next of kin) of these families shall hereafter be given one last opportunity to reclaim their properties. Those who are willing to do so must personally approach the Tibetan settlement officer latest by 31 December, 2017 to reclaim the property and must also submit a sworn letter to abide by the Rules and Regulations for Use and Ownership of Land and Houses as followed by the residents of the settlement.

Failing to respond by the dateline as directed shall be considered as an act of non-compliance or having permanently left the settlement for good, and the concerned land and houses shall therefore be permanently expropriated by the Local Land and Housing Review Committee to be further redistributed to the deserving Tibetan applicants on the waiting list as it is mandated for execution under clause 5 (1) and 11 (1) of Rules and Regulations adopted by the Tibetan parliament in exile for the Use and Ownership of Land and Houses in the Tibetan settlements and under clause 4 (b) & (c) of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy – 2014 by the Government of India whereby the Central Tibetan Relief Committee (CTRC) by virtue of being the lessee is accorded the unilateral right to decide on the use and allotment of lands given on lease by the respective state governments.

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