August 30, 2017
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Published By Jamphel Shonu

DHARAMSHALA: His Holiness the Dalai Lama today wrote to Texas Governor Greg Abbot to express sympathy towards the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, United States.

“I am saddened by reports of the unprecedented storm that has hit southeast Texas, especially the Houston area, causing loss of life and immense damage to property, as well as bringing hardship to thousands of people,” he wrote.

“I have fond memories of my several visits to Texas, the most recent being two years ago when I was the guest of my dear friend, President George W. Bush, and it pains me to see the havoc wrought by this extraordinarily massive storm.”

His Holiness acknowledged that efforts are being made to provide efficient rescue and relief to those affected by the worst flooding in over a decade. He expressed a wish to convey his deep sympathy and condolences to the bereaved and those who have been left devastated by this catastrophe.

He concluded—“My thoughts are with the people of Texas at this time.”

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