August 8, 2017
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Tenzin Dorjee, head of Traditional and Modern Education section, Department of Education, CTA addressing the inaugural ceremony of the two-day Engage Learning Program Workshop at Tibetan Reception Centre, 8 August 2017.

Dharamshala: Kalon Ngodup Tsering of Department of Education, CTA inaugurated a two-day workshop on Engage Learning Program for Tibetan school teachers at the Tibetan Reception Centre, Dharamshala on 8 August 2017.

Over 20 school teachers from six Sambhota schools and two TCV schools are participating in the Engage learning workshop.

Chief guest of inaugural ceremony, Kalon Ngodup Tsering introduced the integrated learning program to the participants and pointed the need for teachers to tap onto the paradigm shift in teaching methodology.

“This engage learning program is an integrated teaching methodology that helps students to learn multi subjects. For example, through science, learning English language and through geography, learning about various other subjects. This approach of learning through reason is in the traditional system of learning. Critical thinking has been at the crux of Tibetan dialectic thinking.”

“So in the last four to five years, the Education Department has been investing time and money in trying to groom our teachers. We need to bring a paradigm shift in the teaching methodology, from teacher centric to student centric,” said Kalon Ngodup Tsering.

Chief Guest Kalon Ngodup Tsering, Department of Education, Director Namgyal Yarphel, Sambhota School Society and resource persons: Francis Downey and Ms Lata at the inaugural ceremony.

Tenzin Dorjee, head of traditional and modern Education section, Department of Education said, “Considering the importance of this program and since the program has shifted to engage learning magazine, the focus will be on different subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics, Engineering and technology through this engage learning magazine at primary and middle school level. We are confident that this program in long term will help our students learn multilingual, multi-cultural and multi subjects.

As told by Tenzin Dorjee, the two-day workshop will introduce the engage learning magazine and how to apply the methodology in classroom teaching. “The teachers will learn how to use engage learning magazine by teaching science, and other subjects, and how this particular program can help children and teachers develop different project based learning.

Tomorrow, the participants will observe a demo class by the resource persons, presentations on all the professional activities of today’s scientists including Paleontologist Jack Horner, Geoscientist, Marine biologist and others, and will engage in group activities and brainstorming.

Francis Downey, Resource person for the ELM workshop spoke on the significance and the need for global shift in teaching methodology. “Today we have come here to talk about science and more importantly the teaching of science. We are part of global community. We need to give education to every child around the world and that is our obligation as global community. We are training the next generation of lifelong learners, of critical thinkers, and most importantly the next generation of problem solvers. In order to do this, we need to build a new paradigm of teaching science.”

The workshop is being funded by USAID and Tibet Fund.

Over 20 teachers from six Sambhota schools and two TCV schools participating in the workshop on Engage Learning Program, 8 August 2017.


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