August 15, 2017
Published By Jamphel Shonu

CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay, Kalons and senior officials of Central Tibetan Administration singing the Indian national anthem on India’s independence day, 15 August 2017.

DHARAMSHALA: President Dr Lobsang Sangay of the Central Tibetan Administration congratulated India on the 70th anniversary of its Independence Day at a brief ceremony held at the Kashag secretariat today. The ceremony was attended by Kalons, secretaries and senior officials of all the departments.

Following the hoisting of the Indian national flag to the tune of the Indian national anthem, President Dr Lobsang Sangay expressed his greetings to the people and government of India.

“On the 70th anniversary of India’s independence day, I would like to express my heartiest greetings to the government and people of India,” President Dr Sangay said.

“This administration is observing the day with the wish and prayer that India becomes the greatest country in the world. We hope India’s economy flourish and its stature enhanced in the world, and the people of this country are able to reap the benefits of their country’s progress,” he said.

“Taking this opportunity, I would also like to thank India for hosting His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Central Tibetan administration and the Tibetan people for over five decades since 1959. No country has done more for Tibetan than India and for that, the Tibetan people remain constantly indebted to this great nation,” he added.

Tea and sweets were distributed after the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, Sikyong left for Police Grounds in Lower Dharamshala where the local Indian administrative office is hosting a similar ceremony to mark the occasion. The chief guest at the ceremony was Shri Sudhir Sharma, minister of Himachal state government.

Tibetan representatives at the ceremony inlcude Kalon Karma Yeshi, Deputy Speaker Acharya Yeshi Phunstok, Tibetan Parliamentarian Ngawang Tharpa and Kashag secretary Topgyal Tsering.

In the afternoon of the same day, as invited, President Dr Sangay graced a football match organised the local Gurkha community in memory of Captain Ram Singh Thakur. The football match was held at Khaniara ground and was attended by several thousand people including Tibetans, Indians and local gurkhalis. Captain Ram Singh Thakur was an Indian Gorkha freedom fighter, musician and composer. [1] He composed, while serving in the Indian National Army a number of patriotic songs including Kadam Kadam Badaye Ja and Subh Sukh Chain.

President Dr Lobsang Sangay with Shri Sudhir Sharma at the war memorial in lower Dharamshala.

President Dr Lobsang Sangay at the independence day celebration organised by the local district administration in lower Dharamshala.

President Dr Lobsang Sangay with folk dancers at the Captain Ram Singh Thakur memorial football tournament.

President Dr Lobsang Sangay at the Captain Ram Singh Thakur memorial football tournament.


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