May 4, 2017
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Tibet TV of the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR), CTA is announcing a Take-Off film grant to encourage budding Tibetan filmmakers in the exile community to make short feature /documentary films for Tibet TV.

Individual filmmakers can avail a total grant of INR 3 lac, for making a film on any one of the following themes:

  1. Democracy in Exile.
  2. Homeland and Exile: Towards a Common Future.
  3. Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

The length of the film should not exceed 10 minutes.

The Take-Off grant aims to facilitate and encourage filmmaking activities of Tibetans and to produce content for wider dissemination and posterity.

The film could be either in Tibetan or English accompanied by subtitles.

Tibetans in diaspora can avail the grant but Tibetans from outside India will have to incur the travel expenses to attend the two-day orientation cum training in Dharamshala. Tibet TV will incur costs for  travel within India only.


The 3-tier selection process:

1) Interested applicants will have to turn in the completed application form including the synopsis before June 15, 2017.

2) A panel of experts will review the applications and select nine applicants who will be invited to attend a two-day orientation cum training program during which they will further develop and strengthen their proposal.

3) Panel of experts will select the final three grantees after a rigorous vetting process.

Application Form

Section I: Personal Details

Date of Birth
Copy of GB payment update
Educational Qualification
Work Experience
E-mail & Phone Number
Reference’s Name & Email


Section II: Theme, Rationale and Synopsis

What is your choice of theme for the project? (Tick one) A)   Democracy in Exile,

B)   Homeland and Exile: Towards a Common Future,

C)   Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

Why did you choose the theme? (Not more than 150 words)  

To be attached with the application form.


A brief synopsis of the film (not more than 300 words)  

To be attached with the application form.


What is the expected outcome / intended results from your proposal? (Not more than 150 words)



To be attached with the application form.





Applications should be submitted to the following address:

The Secretary

Department of Information & International Relation, CTA

P.O Dharamsala 176215, District Kangra, H.P


Tel: +91-1892-222457, 222510

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