April 4, 2017

2017 DoE Annual Scholarship

[Note: This Scholarship may not be treated as right, but we invite applications from those who are really in need of Scholarship for further studies]

S.no Subject/Course Seat Min % Required for Admission Minimum % for Scholarship
1 Medical seats (MBBS)       including two HP seats 3 (three) 60% in class XII & 60% in PCB 60%
2 Civil Engineering 2 (two) 50% in class XII & 50% in PCM 60%
3 Mechanical Engineering 1 (one) 50% in class XII & 50% in PCM 60%
4 Chemical Engineering 1 (one) 50% in class XII & 50% in PCM 60%
5 Computer Engineering 2 (two) 50% in class XII & 50% in PCM 60%
6 Electrical Engineering 1 (one) 45% in class XII & 45% in PCM 60%
7 B. Pharmacy 1 (one) 45% in PCB/M (Theory) of class XII 60%
  Total 11    
Note: 1) All Candidates who wish to apply for a reserve seat of MBBS (3 seats) & Engineering (7 seats) must submit a scan copy of DoE Application Form & Admit Card on or before May 31, 2017 to doe.lobyon@tibet.net and scholarship@tibet.net. A hard copy of DoE Application form, Admit Card, & other required documents must reach office on or before June 15, 2017 by post. Late application would not be entertained.
1 D. Pharmacy 1 (one) 45% in class XII PCB/M 55%
2 Chemical Engineering 1 (one) 45% in class XII PCB/M 55%
3 Electrical Engineering 1 (one) 45% in class XII PCB/M 55%
4 Printing Engineering 2 (two) 40% in class XII 55%
  Total 5    
1 B.Sc. B.Ed. 4 (four) 60% in class XII PCM/B 60%
  Total 4    
  Total Reserve Seats 20    


S.no Subject/Course Seat Min% for Scholarship
1 Ph.D. 10 Letter of Acceptance from recognized University
2 M.Phil. 10 Letter of Acceptance from recognized University  
3 M.Sc. 20 55% in Bachelor (Science)  
4 M.B.A/PGDM 10 60% in Bachelor (CAT/MAT/XAT score preferred)  
5 M.C.A (Master of Computer Application) 5 55% in BCA/ B.Sc. (Comp Science)/B.Com (Comp)  
6 M.P.T (Master of Physiotherapy) 5 55% in Bachelor (B.P.T)  
7 M.D.S (Master of Dental Surgery) 2 60% in Bachelor (B.D.S)  
8 M.D/M.S 3 60% in Bachelor (M.B.B.S)  
9 M.Ed. (2 reserve for Guidance & Counsel) 5 50% in B.Ed.  
10 M. Pharmacy 4 60% in B. Pharmacy (GPAT score preferred)  
11 M.Sc. MLT (Medical Laboratory Technology) 2 60% in Bachelor (B.Sc. M.L.T)  
12 M.S.W (Master of Social Work) 2 55% in Bachelor  
13 L.L.M/L.L.B 2 55% in Bachelor (L.L.B/Any Bachelor)  
14 P.G Counseling & Guidance 5 50% in Master (2 reserved for women)  
15 P.G Journalism/Mass Communication 3 50% in Bachelor  
16 CA / Cost & Work Accountancy 3 60 % in Class XII / 50% in Bachelor
17 M.A 25 55% in Bachelor (B.A)
18 M.Com 20 55% in Bachelor (B.Com)  
19 B.Ed. 20 55% in Bachelor (last year 50%)
20 Bachelor of Library Science & Information 5 55% in Bachelor  
21 Post B.Sc. Nursing 5 General Nursing and Midwife (Diploma)  
22 M. Tech. 3 55% in B/Tech or Equivalent (new addition)  
23 Others (Master & PG Diploma) 5 55% in Bachelor  
24 B. Elementary Education (B. El .Ed) 3 55% in class XII via entrance test (for women)  
25 M.B.B.S 5 60% in Class XII PCB  
26 Engineering 6 60% in class XII PCM  
27 Bachelor of Architecture 2 60% in class XII with PCM (40% score NATA preferred)  
28 B.Sc. B.Ed. 2 60% in class XII science  
29 B.Sc. Honor 10 55% in Class XII Science  
30 B.Sc. Honor in Agriculture, Computer Science, Respiratory Theory, MLT, Biotech, IT & Other 15 55% in class XII Science  
31 B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Application) 7 55% in class XII
32 B.P.T (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) 5 60% in class XII with PCB  
33 B.D.S (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 5 60% in class XII with PCB  
34 B.Sc. (Nursing) 7 60% in class XII Science (4 reserved for women)
35 Bachelor of Pharmacy 2 60% in class XII science
36 Bachelor of Veterinary Service (BVS) 2 60% in class XII with PCB  
37 B.A L.L.B (Bachelor of Laws) 5 55% in class XII (CLAT score preferred)
38 B.A. Honor 10 60% in class XII Arts
39 B.A Hon in Psychology, Foreign language & others) 10 60% in class XII Arts
40 B.P Ed (Bachelor of Physical Education) 5 55%in class XII (2 reserved for women)
41 B.B.A / B.B.M / B.B.S / F.M.M 10 55% in class XII
42 B.H.M (Bachelor of Hotel Management) 10 55%in class XII  
43 B.Com (Hon) 10 60% in class XII Commerce with Math
44 Bachelor of Fine Arts 2 60% in class XII  
45 B.S.W (Bachelor of Social Work) 2 55% in class XII  
46 Bachelor (Others) 5 60% in class XII  
  Total 314    



1 B.A (General) 20 60% in XII Arts & 65% in Vocational
2 B.Sc. (General) 20 55% in class XII Science
3 B.Com (General) 20 60% in XII Commerce & 65% in Vocational
4 Any other Bachelor Degree (General) 5 60% in Class XII
  Total 65  


1 1) Front Office/ Housekeeping/Food Production & Beverages, Cookery Craft                                                                                                                        2) Travel, Tourism & Ticketing                                                                                   3) Office Management/Secretarial Practices                                                                                            4) Hotel Management                                                                                               5) Beautician                                                                                                         6) Stock Market                                                                                                            7) Airhostess/Flight Steward/Make-up Artist & Other 22 55% in class XII (5 reserved for women)

Note: The course should be minimum of 6 months to 1 year


7. DIPLOMA COURSE (Course should be minimum of 9 months)

1 Web Designing / Multi Media / Animation 5 55% in class XII
2 Graphic Designing 5 55% in class XII
3 General Nursing 15 55% in class XII
4 Fine / Commercial Arts 2 55% in class XII
5 Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) 2 55% in class XII Science
6 Dental Hygienist 2 55% in class XII
7 Dental Mechanist 2 55% in class XII
8 Photography/Film Making 2 55% in class XII
9 Others 5 55% in class XII
  Total 40  



Ten (10) Seats are offered for courses such as Tibetan Contemporary Art, Woodcraft, carpentering, Tailoring, oil Painting & Thangka Painting. These courses must be taken from institute of Norbu Lingka, TCV Patlikuhl, Tibetan Homes Mussoorie, Varanasi (CUTS) and Pokhra Vocational Center.


Twenty (20) seats are offered to Students who wishes to pursue Higher Tibetan Studies from College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah. The seats are divided into 15 Bachelor’s degree and 5 for Master’s degree program.


Fifteen (15) seats of Bachelor’s degree are reserved for Tibetan Student in Nepal to study in different Colleges & Universities in Nepal. (Note: However any Tibetan Students from Nepal who have graduated Class XII from India are eligible to apply for any Scholarship to Study in India)


Eight (8) seats are offered to Tibetan Student with minimum of 60% in Class XII, and who gets admission in Tibetan Medical College recognized by the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine.

  1. LIST OF REQUIRED DOCUMENTS – with Application Form
  2. i) All Bachelor’s degree application must submit a copy of Class X Marks Card by June 15, 2017
  3. ii) All Master’s degree program must submit a copy of Bachelor’s degree marks card by August 31, 2017.

iii)        A copy of Best Boy/Girl award certificate received from Dept. of Education, or certificate of Special Needs (Disability) or two years service in Military. Such certificates will receive extra points as per Scholarship rules.

  2. i) Applicants are not required to submit a copy of RC and Green Book because the Tibetan Settlement officer has checked your RC and Green Book by attestation on Application form.
  3. ii) Applicants for Bachelor’s program who have not studied Tibetan Language either in Class X or XII may also apply for a Scholarship, and submit the application form with required document by deadline, but the Applicant must sit for Tibetan Language Proficiency Test (Class X equivalent) administered by the DoE, and must secure minimum of 33% score. The test shall be conducted in Department of Education (Dharamsala) and Tibetan Settlement offices across India, Nepal & Bhutan. The Student has the option to choose any test location. The test shall be conducted in the third week of June 2017.

iii)        Applicant who have secured 75% Class XII result or Bachelor’s degree are guaranteed to receive Scholarship provided application is complete. Extra points as per Scholarship rules shall not be awarded.

  1. iv) A Student who are under Nyamthak “C” Category will receive a guaranteed Scholarship (minimum of 40% in Class XII result is required) with special norms (higher than regular Scholarship). The Applicant will also receive an additional Rs. 5000/- for the first year to cover travelling cost.
  2. v) Preference shall be given to the fresh graduates.
  3. vi) A Student who receives DoE scholarship is not entitled to receive any additional scholarship unless you have a special reason.

vii)       Selection of scholarship shall be based on merit.

viii)      Application form may be downloaded from www.sherig.org/en or www.facebook.com/doe.lobyon/

  1. ix) Reserve Seats applicant may write an additional program/course in the application form.
  2. x) Number of Reserved seats may change due to unforeseen situation.
  3. xi) Reserve Seat Scholarship holders are not entitled to any other scholarship (including overseas) until the completion of current course of study.

xii)       A demand draft of Rs. 200/- in favor of “Tibetan Children’s Education & Welfare Fund” must be sent along with Application form as a Registration fee. Those who have Nyamthak number are not required to send this fee.

xiii)      Any Application form received by the Department of Education before 14 days of the deadline will be informed of any missing documents, but the Student must be responsible to resubmit any missing documents before its deadline.

xiv)      All documents must be attested either by Tibetan Settlement officer/Joint Secretary & above or Principal/Rector of the School.

  1. xv) Applicant whose parents live in Tibet/deceased/divorced/separated or one of parents are non-Tibetan, must furnish a letter from respective Tibetan Settlement officer or Principal/Rector of the School.

xvi)      Applicants from Nepal & Bhutan, or from Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Gangtok and North East who do not have a Registration Certificate (RC) must furnish a letter from respective Tibetan Settlement officer certifying that the applicant is a Bonafide Tibetan Refugee

xvii)     Application form must be signed and sealed by the Tibetan Settlement officer on its designated space, and must be submitted to the Department of Education by its deadline (Bachelor’s program by June 15, 2017 & Master’s program by August 31, 2017)



Secretary (DOE 2017)

Department of Education, CTA

Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala 176215

District – Kangra, Himachal Pradesh


For Inquiry, please contact:

  1. Ngawang Yonten
  2. Tsering Choezom
  3. Lobsang Dhargye
  4. Dechen Choedon
  5. Tenzin Youtso


E-mail: doe.lobyon@tibet.net & scholarship@tibet.net

Phone: +91-1892-226695, 222572, 222721

Website: www.sherig.org/en/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/doe.lobyon/

Dated: 4 April 2017





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