February 10, 2017
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Representative Dawa Tsering and Ms Lai Yu-Ling inaugurating the two new books published by the Snowland Publications.

Representative Dawa Tsering and Ms Lai Yu-Ling inaugurating the two new books published by the Snowland Publications.

Taipei, Taiwan: The Taipei International Book Exhibition 2017 opened at the Taipei World Trade Center on Wednesday, featuring representatives from hundreds of publishers along with a wide range of activities, including keynote speeches, lectures, reading sessions, publication introductions and cultural performances.

One of this year’s highlights is the Citizen Area, combining independent publishers, independent bookstores, and NGOs in a special maze-themed pavilion, allowing visitors to step into the maze to browse books.

Last year, though the Citizen Book exhibition was held outside of the book fair because of the high cost of the exhibition booths, it still created quite a stir and drew many visitors. This year, with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture, the Citizen Area joined the Taipei International Book exhibition, bringing readers a greater variety of books.

The Citizen Area this year is also exhibiting some 25 books on Tibet in Chinese published by the Snowland Publications, which is regulated by the Taiwan Office of Tibet.

In fact, Representative Dawa Tsering, along with the director of the Snowland Publications, Ms Lai Yu-Ling, and the chief editor of the Sky Above Tibet, quarterly magazine published by the Office of Tibet, Ms Lu Hu-Chuan, inaugurated two new books on Tibet in Chinese: Finding Common Ground and A Pictorial History of Tibet.

The inaugural of the two books hosted at the Citizen Area of the Taipei International Book Exhibition featured a lengthy Q&A between Representative Dawa Tsering and Ms Lu Hu-Chuan, touching topics ranging from the historical status of Tibet and the nature of traditional Tibetan society to the causes of self-immolation protests inside Tibet and the possibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s visiting Taiwan again.

Ms Lu also spoke at length about the series of self-immolation protests inside Tibet, in addition to highlighting the present grim situation of the religious freedom.

In the second part of the inaugural event yesterday, which was focused on introducing the Snowland Publications, Ms Lu interviewed Representative Dawa Tsering about his book “An Oblation to the Land of Snows”.

In this interview, which was webcast live on internet, Representative Dawa Tsering explained in detail the history of Tibetan resistance movement against Chinese government, the preservation of Tibetan religion and culture in exile and the Middle-Way policy as a viable means of peaceably resolving the Tibet issue.

The exhibition, which will run through 13 February, has attracted 621 publishers from 59 countries this year. A total of 1,780 booths have been set up at the venue, and at least 450 workshops and promotional activities will take place during the five-day exhibition, according to the organisers.


Ms Lu Hu-Chuan, the chief editor of Sky Above Tibet magazine, hosting the inaugural event.

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