August 15, 2016
   Posted in News Flash
Published By Tenzin Saldon

DHARAMSHALA: Kalon Ven Karma Gelek Yuthok, Department of Religion and Culture, CTA attended the closing ceremony of ‘The Third Modern Science Workshop for Monks and Nuns of Tibetan Monastic Institutes’ at the Tibetan Reception Centre last Friday, 12 August.

“As per the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the purpose of introducing modern science instruction into the Tibetan monastic curriculum is to build a concrete foundation for integrating insights of the Tibetan Buddhist studies into the modern science. This vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been enthusiastically carried out in various collaborations between scientists and Buddhist scholars since many decades now,” the Kalon said, addressing monks and nuns at the ceremony.

“The result as envisioned by His Holiness is to create a balanced education system catering to goodness of heart with intellect and consequently promote lasting peace and well being on earth.”

“However, a mere academic exchange of modern science and Buddhist tradition without understanding its short and long term benefits will not reap the outcome,” he said, urging the participants to grasp a complete understanding of His Holiness’ message through methods of investigation and reason.

The workshop has been organised by the Department of Religion and Culture in accordance with the commitments made during Monastic Education Development Conference in May 2013 and to fulfill the visions of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

There were 32 participants in the workshop with 20 monks from different monastic institutes of various traditions and 12 Geshema aspirant nuns of third and fourth year. During the two-week workshop, participants were introduced to basic Physics, Neuroscience and Biology.


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