February 15, 2016
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Department of Home, CTA, Youth Empowerment Support (YES) is pleased to announce the 2016-17 1st batch of following skill training at Institute for Small Trade Learning (ISTL) Nelamangala, Bangalore which will commence from 1st April, 2016. Interested youth can apply through concerned settlement office. Obtain application forms and other detail information from concerned settlement offices.

The last date of application submission will be 11th March 2016.




Duration                    :           4 months.

Eligibility                   :           Class Vth pass

Seat Vacancy           :           15       


Course Brief Contents: Hair structures, skin & scalp disorders, health in salon, consultation, etiquette, retailing, hairdressing tools, long hairdressing equipments, roller setting, shampoos, conditioners, treatment, methodology, blow-dry, technical and various cuts.


Scope: He/She can set-up Hair salon or get employed in related trade.


Course Name                        :           BASIC & ADVANCE COURSE IN BEAUTICIAN (¤²ïÅ-z¸ôü)    JAWED HABIB CERTIFICATION

Duration                    :           4 months

Eligibility                  :           Class Vth pass

Seat Vacancy             :           15       


Course Brief Contents: Manicures, pedicures, facials, eyebrows threading, bleaching, waxing, shampoos & conditioning, hair structure, styling, cuts & coloring, perm & neutralize hair, various massages (leg, hand, head, back, stomach & body), various make up/make over (eye, remedial, camouflage, photography, evening, model, bridal), first aid, hygiene & health, sanitation & sterilization, bacteriology, nutrition, anatomy & physiology, cells, skin biology, science & disorders, nail science, colour chemistry.


Scope: He/She can set-up Beauty parlour/shop or get employed in Beauty related trade.


Course Name                        :           GRAPHIC AND WEB DESIGN (GWD) (iÔ-M-ƒÛÅ-z;ôhü)

Duration                    :           12 months

Eligibility                  :           Class XIIth pass

Seat Vacancy             :           3

Course Brief Contents: CERTIFICATE IN GRAPHIC DESIGN (SEMESTER I) lays the foundation for learning Graphic Designing for print & publishing. The students will acquire concepts of digital graphics and equip them with thorough knowledge of creating image-editing and publishing graphics for various industries. MODULES: Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations, Digital Design, Basic Arts, Creating Illustrations, Print Design – Composition & Layout & Design Portfolio. SOFTWARES TAUGHT: Adobe Photoshop Extended, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

CERTIFICATE IN WEB & INTERACTIVE DESIGN (SEMESTER II) The students learns to design interactive websites, portals and multimedia presentations. MODULES: Concepts of interface & interactive Design, Designing concepts for Websites, Web Designing, Web weaver, Web Graphics & animation, Web Scripting & Interactivity, Developing Interactive Web Pages and Web Portfolio. SOFTWARES TAUGHT: HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash and Java Script.

SCOPE: There is a continuous demand for design professionals with graphic art computer skills to produce designs, symbols, User Inteface (UI), typography, illustrations and photography for use in print and electronic publications. There is also a huge requirement for Website designers using multimedia and animation in the internet publishing industries.



Course Name                        :           DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT

Duration                    :           12 months (6 months coaching and 6 months internship)

Eligibility                  :           Class XIIth pass

Seat Vacancy             :           2

Course Brief Contents: Principles of management, retail management, consumer behavior, direct and network marketing, personality development & soft skills.

SCOPE: With the completion of this course, one can work in leading malls and can also set up own shop and retail mart in the settlement. There is much demand for talented people in leading mall.




Course Name                        :       JETKING CERTIFIED HARDWARE & NETWORKING (JÀôG->Àh-z¸ô-OÛG)

Duration                    :           12 months

Eligibility                  :           Class XIIth pass

Seat Vacancy             :           3

Course Brief Contents: Basic Electronics, Applications, Hardware, Operating System, Networking Essentials, MCSA, Redhat Linux, and CCNA. Also trains in Spoken English & Personality Development. Basic Electronics with ANALOG, DIGITAL, MICROPROCESSOR & Application, Fundamentals of PC, PC memory, Micro processor, Motherboard, SMPS, Assembling & Disassembling, Monitors, Printers, DVD Drivers/Combo drives, Laptop Troubleshooting, Peripherals, Operating system support skills (Windows Vista), Application programs, Device installation, CD writing, Managing Multiple Monitor Settings, Hardware Device and Driver Installation/Troubleshooting, Configuring Window Firewall, Norton 2007 Antivirus, Configuring IE7, Pop up blocker, IE security & privacy options, Networking Essentials with Windows Server 2008 Administration, Windows 2003 Professional & Windows 2008 Server, User & Group Management, NTFS & Share Permissions, Device Manager, Drivers Signing, Signature Verification, Ports, Printers, Disk Management Tools & Tasks, File System User Management, Active Directory, Servers Remote, Terminal Services, Backup Restoring Data, DNS, Networks, DCHP, Internet, Information Services (IIS 6.0), Remote Access, VPN, User account, Domain Groups, DFS, Auditing Access to Resources, Shadow Copies, Terminal Services, Router services, ICS, Service Forest, Server Roles, Local & Domain Security Policy, User Environment, Developing Software through Group Policy, RED HAT (Linux), CCNA etc. with all the level of English speaking, personality development, and Yoga.

SCOPE: With the completion of this course, one has to appear in exams for each of 7 papers after which he/she’ll be certified by the Microsoft with worldwide recognition. There is much demand for talented people in system engineering.

——————————————————————————————————————————-Course Name                       :           BASIC & ADVANCE COURSE IN COOKERY (¤-‚mü)

Duration                    :           6 months

Eligibility                  :           Class Xth pass

Seat Vacancy             :           6



Course Brief Contents: Basic & advance courses in Indian, Continental & Chinese cuisines, Bread Baking, Cakes & Pastries etc.

Scope: He/She can set-up Restaurant, Cafe, and Catering or employed in Hotel industries.


Course Name                        :           HOTEL MANAGEMENT (¤Iôm-DP-º²Ûm-BôPü)

Duration                    :           12 months

Eligibility                  :           Class Xth pass

Seat Vacancy             :           4


Course Brief Contents: Front Office Management: Involving guest arrivals, registration, reservation, billing, dealings with cashiers, uniformed services, business centre etc.
Housekeeping: Involves general cleanliness and maintenance of hotel property, maintenance of rooms, preparation of rooms for new guests, Guest room cleaning procedures, maintain linen and uniform rooms, Public Area cleaning, Cleaning knowledge & practice, cleaning agents, pest control, control of laundry service and other housekeeping knowledge including textiles, horticulture, safety and security steps.
Food & Beverage Service: Study of Restaurant, organization of restaurant, types of restaurant & bars, restaurant service equipments types of food service, menu, restaurant procedures, room service, banquets & outdoor service hygiene & sanitation, beverage spirits, non-alcoholic beverages bar services.
Food production: Deals with kitchen organization, kitchen staff, sauces, soups & garnish recipes,
methods of cooking, Nutrition etc.
Scope: Great scope to get placement in star Hotels with good salary and other benefits. Hardworking staff will get quick promotions.


Course Name                       :           TAILORING (º±ï¤-z¸ôü)

Duration                    :           12 months

Eligibility                  :           Open

Seat Vacancy             :           6


Course Brief Contents: Ladies Blouse, Chupa & Coat, Gents Shirt & Chupa, Mo-Chupa, Formal Shirt & Pant, School Uniform Skirt, Salwar Kurta, Estimation of cloth requirements, General Maintenance of sewing machines, stitching by Hand: Running, Button Hole, Hamming, Traditional Button Knot etc. Stitching by Machine (straight, curved, cornered) Door Curtain, Window Shampo, Various types of bags & purses.


Scope: He/She can set-up tailoring shop or get employed in tailoring centres.

After the successful completion of the course, trainees will be provided with a set of Sewing Machine & its accessories.


NOTE: 1.     Last date for submission of application to DoH is 11th March, 2016.

2.     Skill Training course will start from 1st April, 2016.

3.     Start-up Soft Loan can be availed for setting up of Micro-enterprise after the training

4.     Contact Local Tibetan Settlement Offices or Department of Home (YES) for detail.

5.     You can also visit our website “www.centraltibetanreliefcommittee.org for more information  



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