April 27, 2015
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Published By Jamphel Shonu

DHARAMSHALA: The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile has expressed sadness and solidarity with the people affected by the massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal, Tibet and northern India on 25 April.

Thousand of lives have been lost and numerous ancient buildings have been destroyed in Nepal as a result of the earthquake.

“The Tibetan Parliament in Exile is extremely concerned and saddened by the continuing reports on this tragedy and expresses profound condolences to the government and people of Nepal,” it said in a statement released today.

Nepal is also home to a sizeable Tibetan refugee community and Buddhist monasteries. Hence, the Tibetan Parliament also appealed to the various Tibetan monastic institutions and the Tibetan people in Nepal to extend whatever facilities and help they may be in position to provide to the people of Nepal in this moment of great tragedy.

Tibetan Parliament expresses sympathy for Tibetans in Tibet affected by the earthquake

The destructive impact of the massive earthquake in Nepal had also spread to many areas of Tibet adjoining Nepal, including the counties of Nyalam, Kyidrong, Dingri, Drongpa, Dromo, Lhatse, and Ngari’s Purang.

The earthquake resulted in great deal of hardship and losses, with a good number of Tibetans losing their lives; many being injured; and a great number of homes being destroyed.

“With great concern, the Tibetan Parliament in Exile expresses sympathy and condolences over this tragedy. We pray with a single-minded devotion that those who have lost their lives in this calamity of nature may, attain enlightenment; that those injured may recover speedily; and that the homes and other buildings that have been damaged or destroyed could be renovated or rebuilt soon,” it said.

Tibetan Parliament expresses sympathy over the earthquake devastation in India

The Nepal earthquake not only affected Nepal but also places in neighbouring countries, including some states of India. The destruction caused by the earthquake in these Indian states led to hardship and tragedy to many people, including the death of a good number of people; many others were injured, while homes and other building were damaged or destroyed.

“The Tibetan Parliament in Exile is immensely concerned by these tragic developments and takes this opportunity to express sympathy and condolences to the victims. We pray with a single-minded devotion to the ocean of victorious beings of the Three Precious Jewels that those who have died in this calamity of nature may eventually attain the stage of well being in ultimate liberation; that those injured may definitely and speedily recover, and that the homes and other building damaged or destroyed could be renovated or rebuilt expeditiously,” the Parliament wrote in a statement of condolence.



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