May 28, 2013
   Posted in News Flash
Published By Tashi

Tibetans at the protest site in Driru county in eastern Tibet

DHARAMSHALA: Reports coming out of Tibet say tense situation prevailed in Driru county in eastern Tibet as mining activities on a sacred hill in the region sparked a massive protest by thousands of local Tibetans on 24 May.

Over 4,500 Tibetans gathered near Naglha Zamba, a sacred hill rich in mineral resources in Driru, to protest against its exploitation by Chinese miners. Three Tibetans were reportedly killed by landslide on their way to the protest site. The local authorities deployed over fifty military convoys to the protest site, as local Tibetans say it might trigger clashes between the Tibetans and security forces.

Though it is a harvesting season of cash rich caterpillar fungus, the local Tibetans left it to join the campaign for the protection of the natural environment, a local Tibetan said.

Despite appeals from the local Tibetans against the mining activities in the region, the local authorities tried to dupe them by saying that the project will development and benefit for the region.

China’s rampant looting of mineral resources near Tibet’s capital Lhasa last month triggered a deadly landslide, which left more than 83 miners dead.

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