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DHARMSHALA: Jugtso, a 20 year-old Tibetan woman died after setting herself on fire in Zamthang, Ngaba in north-eastern Tibet (incorporated into China’s Sichuan Province) around 3 pm local time on 16 April. She is the sixth Tibetan to self-immolate from the Zamthang region. The total number of self-immolations has risen to 115, out which 98 died.

She self-immolated near Jonang monastery to protest against the repressive policies of the Chinese government. Local Tibetans carried her body to the nearby Jonang monastery after the incident. Her body was later shifted to her home. Local Chinese authorities asked the family to cremate the body that night itself. Thousands of local Tibetans and monks came to pay their respects and express their solidarity at the funeral.

Jugtso is a native of Barma township in Zamthang. She is married and has a 3 year-old child.

New report confirms Phagmo Dhondup’s death

Phagmo Dhondup

Confirmed reports from Tibet say that Phagmo Dhondup, who set himself on fire on 24 February at Jakhyung monastery in Bayan Khar in eastern Tibet, died at a hospital in Siling. He was reported to be seriously burned during the self-immolation.

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