August 14, 2012
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Press Release

14 August 2012

Fresh reports coming out of Tibet say Chinese police beat Tibetan protesters with batons spiked with nails after two more Tibetans self-immolated in Ngaba in north-eastern Tibet yesterday (13 August). One Tibetan was reported to have died during the police beating, but this report could not be independently verified. The police beating has also left many Tibetans severely injured.

The Central Tibetan Administration has strongly condemned the use of force by the Chinese authorities in dealing with the peaceful Tibetan protesters and urge them to exercise utmost restraint. 
Lungtok, 20, a monk of Kirti monastery, and Tashi, 21,  a former monk of Kirti monastery, shouted slogans while walking on the main street in Ngaba with their bodies engulfed in flame. They were forcibly taken away by the police, but local people fear they might not survive due to severe burning.  
Immediately after the incident, a large number of police were deployed at the site after local Tibetans raised slogans in protest. The police beat the Tibetans with batons spiked with nails, leaving one Tibetan with his entire head covered with blood, and many severely injured.  
Additional contingent of armed police have been deployed throughout the Ngaba region.

A latest report says one the self-immolators, Lungtok, has died in Barkham. 

With the latest two self-immolations, 49 Tibetans have so far set themselves on fire demanding His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet and crying for freedom for Tibetans.

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Correction: An error in the age of Lungtok in the press release with that in the fact sheet has been corrected. Lungtok’s age in the fact sheet was mistakenly written as 21.

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