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FEBRUARY 6, 2012, DHARAMSALA, INDIA — The Central Tibetan Administration is deeply concerned and alarmed over the recent news of three more self-immolations having taken place in Serthar (Sichuan) on Friday, February 3, 2012. Unconfirmed reports state that three Tibetans were involved, two of them aged in their 60s and 30s respectively. All three have sustained injuries, but their exact condition and whereabouts remain unknown.

With Tibetan New Year on February 22nd and the March 10th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan uprising coming up, there are also reports of build-up of security forces and police in and around the city of Lhasa, and its key monasteries. Furthermore, draconian measures to restrict movement of Tibetans in the capital could further aggravate the tense situation in Tibet. The Central Tibetan Administration based in India, fears further bloodshed and loss of lives.

“Despite the Chinese government’s attempts to close off Tibetan areas and deny access to the world media, the international community must send a clear message to Beijing that the world is watching, and it will not remain silent in the face of the killing of innocent Tibetans who are simply asking for their fundamental right for freedom” stated Dicki Chhoyang, responsible for the Dept. of Information and International Relations for the Central Tibetan Administration. The Foreign Correspondents Club of China (FCCC) recently issued a statement calling on the Chinese government to abide by the terms of its agreement with the FCCC and allow media access to Tibetan areas.

“The self-immolations represent an emphatic rejection of the continued occupation of Tibet and repressive policies of the Chinese government. They express a stand firm for the freedom of the Tibetan people” added Dicki Chhoyang.

As stated by Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay, the elected leader of the Central Tibetan Administration, “to genuinely resolve the Tibet issue, and bring lasting peace, China must respect the right of the Tibetan people and engage them in dialogue rather than respond to protests with further repression.”

To demonstrate solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet and stand for truth and justice, the international community is invited to join a worldwide vigil on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. In Dharamsala, the Central Tibetan Administration will hold a prayer service at 3 PM at the Tsuglakhang-Main Temple. The candlelight vigil is organized by the local welfare office.

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