October 11, 2011
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Press Release:

Ever since the large scale uprisings in the whole of the three provinces of Tibet in 2008, the government of China, instead of considering the legitimate and reasonable demands of the Tibetan people, have implemented a policy of repression and force so that everywhere in Tibet from the Lamas, Geshes, monks, nuns, writers, artists, workers and students to the common nomads and farmers, all their peaceful protests and demands have and are being suppressed perfunctorily by the police and the militia. Thus, the fundamental human rights of the Tibetan people are being grossly violated. In particular, since March of this year, due to uncalled for harassment and forced oppression on the inmates of Kirti monastery in Ngaba and the Tibetans of the nearby areas, a monk named Lobsang Phuntsok was driven to commit self immolation and expired. Also, when hundreds of local people turned up to request the Chinese police not to evict monks forcibly from that monastery, two elderly Tibetans were beaten to death by them and a number of others were grievously injured. Hundreds of the Kirti monastery monks were forcibly taken away and the rest are being subjected to undergo the so called ‘patriotic re-education’ which is a form of indoctrination. News of arrests and detention of monks and civilians are still coming out from that area.

From 6th June, 2011 onwards, hundreds of monks, nuns and lay people of Karze area of Kham in eastern Tibet, carried out a month-long peaceful protest calling for freedom and human rights of the Tibetan people. The Chinese government retaliated against them with inhuman oppression and summary arrests.

On 15th August, a monk named Tsewang Norbu of Nyatso monastery in Tau, eastern Tibet, died through self immolation while protesting in front of the district office calling for Tibetan freedom, non-discrimination against the Tibetans and return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet. This was followed by more restrictions on both the monastery and the local people of the area.

On 26th September, two monks of Ngaba Kirti monastery named Lobsang Kalsang and Lobsang Konchok committed self immolation in the main market area of the district calling for more freedom of religion and long life of His Holiness.

On 1st October, Tibetans in the Serta district of Karze carried out a peaceful protest by distributing leaflets which contained slogans that called on the government of China to concede freedom for Tibet, religious freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The leaflets also contained slogans for the long life of His Holiness and victory for Tibet.

On 3rd October, a 17 year old monk of Ngaba Kirti monastery named Kalsang Wangchuk committed self immolation on the main thoroughfare of the district by carrying a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He was severely beaten up in the process by the Chinese police and arrested.

On 7th October 2011, two more young men of Ngaba district of Thawagongma area named Chophel, aged 19 years, son of Jugrie Tsang family and Khaying, aged about 18 years son of Mr. Kalsang of Sangpo Tsang family set themselves on fire in the main market area and shouted slogans against the Chinese government. At that time, the Chinese police put out the fire and beating both of them mercilessly took them away. We have now confirmed information that Khaying and Choephel later succumbed to their injuries on the 8th and 11th October respectively.

The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile and its Standing Committee have passed unanimous resolutions and press statements with regard to each of the above urgent situations calling on the Chinese government to show restraint and the international community for support. The Central Tibetan Administration has organized traditional prayer meetings for the deceased and the injured, and the Tibetan NGOs and private individuals have carried out a number of activities to show solidarity with our people inside Tibet. We have also raised the pressing issue at the international level through governments and parliaments.

The Central government of China has put in place the retrograde policy of colonialism in Tibet in order to exploit and destroy both the land and its people. Due to this Tibetans have been marginalized politically, economically, educationally, culturally and in the field of environment, and have become second-class citizens in their own country. Moreover, the Chinese government personnel and the Chinese who have settled in Tibet have become the real owners of Tibet’s resources and they have persistently looked down upon the ethnic Tibetans and harassed them continuously. They have misrepresented the real situation prevailing in Tibet and have even forced the Tibetans to do so. In a forced manner, all Tibetan thoughts and activities have to conform to the Chinese ideals and anything contrary is suppressed ruthlessly without conscience. In particular, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is targeted for all-out criticism. The rightful struggle of the Tibetan people and the mutually beneficial policy of the Middle Way approach are not only considered in the wrong spirit but misinterpreted intentionally. Thus, the Tibetans have no scope at all to be treated in a civilized and honest manner. It is undoubtedly due to such desperate situations that Tibetans have been forced to commit self-immolation one after another.

The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile is in full solidarity with our oppressed brethren in Tibet. We fully support their non-violent activities in the struggle for human rights and highly commend and appreciate their courage, sincerity and the unwavering, rock-like spirit. We pray wholeheartedly for the peace of the souls of those martyrs who sacrificed their lives through self-immolation. We also pray that those who have been grievously injured and whose present conditions are not clear, may have a speedy recovery. We also express our firm solidarity and deep consolation to all our people inside Tibet in general, and the families of the deceased and the injured in particular.

The Kashag (cabinet) and the Tibetan Parliament’s Standing Committee met expressly to consider the present urgent situation in Tibet and shall, after discussion, issue detailed instructions. Tibetans in India, Nepal and Bhutan, Tibetan communities in other foreign countries, Tibet support groups and individual supporters of the Tibetan cause are requested to unitedly come together to highlight the urgent situation in Tibet. It is further stressed that all the events that they may organize must be non-violent, conform to the laws of the land and be dignified.  
Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile
11th October, 2011

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