October 25, 2011
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Published By Tashi

PARIS, France: Mr Patrick Bloche, the mayor of the 11th district of Paris and Vice-President of the Tibet Parliamentary Group and the Deputy of the French National Assembly, urges the President of France, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, to exercise his power and appeal to the international leaders at the G20, to make China respect the rights of the Tibetans in Tibet.

In a statement uploaded on his blog, Mr Patrick Bloche writes, the present situation in Kirti and more broadly in the Aba Prefecture unfortunately reveals the common fate China reserves for dissidents and minorities.

“It all began in march this year, when a  young Buddhist monk, aged 21, self-immolated at the Kirti Monastery in Tibet. He intended to mark the third anniversary of the brutal repression which followed the pacific demonstrations of 2008. Instead of trying to put out the fire, the Chinese police beat him up savagely, thus hastening his death” the statement noted.

Faced with the indignation this tragedy provoked, Chinese authorities decided to respond using force. So on April 21th, 300 monks were arrested and taken away by military trucks. No one knows today what happened to them. For months now, Chinese authorities have enforced an intolerable food blockade all around the monastery

He has requested the world leaders, especially the President of France, to do something about the  deteriorating situation inside Tibet, particularly with regard to the freedom of religion and expression of thought.

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