February 1, 2010
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Civil Society Summit Honours Tenzin
Tsundue with Life Time Achievement Award

Tenzin Tsundue

Tenzin Tsundue, a well known Tibetan
struggling for the freedom of Tibet is awarded with the life time
achievement award by the Civil Society Summit

at Ambedkar Bhavan, Miller’s Road,

Bangalore on celebration of the 61st
anniversary of Republic day of India.

Civil Society Summit is a premier
knowledge and networking event of civil society an NGO in India.
Civil Society Summit honours continuing freedom struggles in India,
and it recognises the present day freedom fighters. It brings
together leading thinkers and practitioners in development and human
rights with their counterparts in different sector.

Tsundue was awarded for his 16 years of
non-violent struggle for his country Tibet occupied by the foreign
country, said the organisers. This special event was co-organised by
the 57 Indian NGOS like Open Space, CFAR, Sangama and others.

On receiving the award Tsundue said,
“Occupied Tibet looks at India at 60”. “I have been to many
jails, fought court cases and have been regularly harassed by the
law. But I am never negative, painful or suffering. I cannot work
with anger, the moment I allow that I know I have lost my battle. No
matter how long your battle goes on it is important to make sure you
do not lose your peace of mind. My optimism keeps me alive”.

Tsundue is also a fervent patriotic
poet. He has a collection of poems on Tibet and Tibetan exile lives.

other award winners were Prof. Hassan Mansoor, Fr. Claude, Abhay
Sahoo, Prasanta Paikray, Cherkadi Rama Chandra Rao, H. Ganapati Appa
Sagara, Anasuyamma Allalasandra, Himanshu Kumar and Irom Sharmila.

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