January 23, 2010
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Rights Group Releases 2009 Annual Report on Human Rights in Tibet[Friday, 22 January 2010, 4:06 p.m.]


Dharamshala: The
Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy based in Dharamsala,
which monitors human rights in Tibet, today released a comprehensive
annual report on the human rights situation in Tibet in 2009. (click here for full report)The
report gives a detail account of various repressive measures imposed by
the Chinese government on Tibetans from enjoying civil and political
liberties, rights to education, development and religious freedom. It
listed the number of Tibetans sentenced, and those Tibetans who were
arrested and detained last year.The Tibetan people have
suffered enormous hardships and systematic human rights abuses under
the government of People’s Republic of China in the last five decades.
Human rights violations continue unabated with impunity and there is no
sign of let up by the Chinese government, the report said.The
report said the Chinese government continues to callously dismiss the
legitimate voice of the  Tibetan people, despite their strong calls for
reforms and solutions to the Tibetan issue during the peaceful
demonstrations across Tibet in 2008. Religious institutions across
Tibet continue to face steady decline in the quality of religious
education due to continuous restrictions on activities and movements of
Tibetan monks and nuns.Disparities in education caused by the
conditions of school facilities, the quality of instruction, and
cultural discrimination have created an ever-widening gulf between
Chinese and Tibetan students. This ongoing inequality has resulted in
further economic marginalisation of Tibetans with every successive
generation, as Tibetans are precluded from employment opportunities on
account of the inferior education forced upon them, the report added.Resettlement
programs executed by Chinese authorities in Tibet, particularly in the
case of nomads, taking place at fast pace which are uprooting and
disrupting traditional Tibetan ways of life in the name of “progress”.The
year 2009 in Tibet witnessed intensification of the “patriotic
education” campaign in religious institutions across Tibet, resulting
in widespread violation of freedom of religious worship and beliefs, it
said.It criticised the Chinese government for pushing aside
global appeals to overturn death penalties for Tibetans. Four Tibetans
were executed in Lhasa on 20 October last year for their alleged role
in the peaceful protests against five decades of China’s repression in
Tibet last year. Three more Tibetans were given suspended death
penalties.Around 1,585 Tibetans are under detention, out of
which 334 detainees have been sentenced. In 2009, some 300 Tibetans
were arbitrarily arrested and are still under detention. Eleven
Tibetans were sentenced to life imprisonment.The report said
high arbitrariness in the sentencing of numerous Tibetans clearly
exposes the summary and arbitrary nature of judiciary in Chinese
administered Tibet. It brings forward the focus that judicial apparatus
in China is politically motivated.The strong determination of
the Tibetan people, Chinese intellectuals, scholars, lawyers and human
rights activists to pursue human rights raises hope for change in
China, the report said.
Ugen Tenzin, Executive Director and Mr Jampa Monlam, Assistant
Director, Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, launch the
report during a press conference at Gangchen Kyishong in Dharamsala
this morning.

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