May 7, 2009
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Rising Temperature threatening TibetThursday, 7 May 2009, 11:43 a.m.

 Temperatures in
Tibet have risen continuously over the past 48 years at a rate much
higher than the national level, a meteorologist said Monday.  (Xinhua

Dharamshala: China
Meteorological Administration chief has warned that the continuous
rising temperature on the Tibetan plateau has accelerated the rate of
melting glaciers triggering swelling of lakes, which will lead to
geological disasters including floods and drought putting in jeopardy
lives of millions of people.”In Tibet, the mercury has climbed
an average 0.32 degrees Celsius every decade since records began in
1961,” the country’s chief meteorologist Zheng Guoguang was reported as
saying on Wednesday by Xinhua.”This is much higher than the
national average temperature rise of 0.05-0.08 degrees Celsius every 10
years. Tibet’s temperature rise had also topped the global average of
0.2 degrees Celsius per decade,” Zhang added.”The impact of
global warming has accelerated glacial shrinkage and the melting
glaciers have swollen Tibet’s lakes,” he said. “If the warming
continues, millions of people in western China would face floods in the
short term and drought in the long run,” Zheng told more than 500
officials at a meeting in Lhasa on climate change.”Extreme weather conditions often cause geological disasters including mud-rock flows and landslides,” he said.The
official also warned that warming could cause permafrost to melt and
threaten the plateau railway linking Tibet with the neighboring Qinghai
Province.A report by Tibet’s regional meteorological bureau
earlier this year also warned the permafrost that lies on the path of
the rail link had been shrinking by 4.5 centimeters to 24.9 cm every
decade since the 1960s, Xinhua reported.
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