April 9, 2009
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World-wide Demographic Survey of Tibetans in Exile Begins 12 April Thursday, 9 February 2009, 5:33 p.m.

 Dr Kunchok Tsondue, chief planning officer, addressing the press conference on the second population census of Tibetans in exile to be conducted from 12-14 April 2009.

Dhraramshala: The Planning Commission of the Central Tibetan Administration will conduct the second demographic survey of Tibetans in exile from 12 to 14 April.The survey will count the number of Tibetans residing in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and those living in other countries, which are under the jurisdiction of the Offices of Tibet.The first survey was conducted in 1998. The projected population in 2007 based on the annual percentage growth rate is approximately 145,150, with a world-wide distribution: India 101,242; Nepal 16,313; Bhutan 1,883; and rest of the world 25,712.Addressing a press conference today, Chief Planning Officer Dr. Kunchok Tsondue said that this demographic survey is carried out to know the status of all the Tibetans in exile in various aspects of development, including social, financial, educational and health for the last 50 years.Dr Tsondue said that the current survey will give the most accurate demographic count as they are using the ‘Intelligence Character Recognition’ (ICR) Technology, which is considered as an easier way to conduct the survey as compared to other methods.He further said based on the demographic record of the planning commission, the Government of India will issue new registration certificate (RC) and identity certificate (IC) to Tibetan refugees, except for those new arrivals from Tibet and those born after the date of the survey.

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